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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weather upgrade?!

so you can add a weather upgrade to the wall if you want. to be honest i considered it for a little bit, i do live in the northwest. but in the end i think it would be better to just build the shed and have an enclosed area to climb in. you know... get my self a little space heater and keep the winters warm for climbing.
also, maybe im just not educated in the newest of technologies in weather proofing.... but i look at this picture and i see something that is gonna rust no matter what if it stays exposed to these conditions.
lastly... if there is snow on the ground why isnt this guy out climbing with those ice tools? isnt the point of the treadwall to allow you to train when it's OFF season? maybe, it just a promotional shot?
anyway...why does six weeks feel like such a long time?

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