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Saturday, June 26, 2010

the Treadwall Community

we all know i spend way too much time prowling the world wide intra`neb for pictures and info on treadwalls. i especially track down pictures of peoples home setups! recently i found that a guy on the http://www.redriverclimbing.com/ forum posted some pics of his home training setup. so, public domain become filler on the Treadwall Project. here are the pics from BCombs!

this is one of the older models that has been ....from what i can tell stripped from it original frame/stand. not the first custom set up treadwalls i have seen. so if you get a chance to save some money buying a used treadwall you could always go this route so you dont have to be limited to only twelve degrees overhanging. plus if you dont have a super tall ceiling going this way will work, unless youd rather cut out a hole.... um, blah blah blah, lost my train of thought ...enjoy the pics

OH!!! i remember what i wanted to say! so if you have a treadwall or you train on one at a gym, send me a pic. share your set up and any training ideas you have for the rest of us! um, if you dont well then you are a sucky individual that is lazy and that makes baby jesus cry! and i dont know about you but i think crying baby jesus is on par with hunger striking buhda! and he might do that. not too mention allah will put a jihad on you... vishnu, no lotus... zues, no lightning... gaia, no ground!!! ...yhwh, will undo all creation! ....thanks

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