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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Treadwall Promotional Video

back when i was trying to decide whether or not i was gonna invest in the treadwall i was begging for something like this video to help me make my decision. this video came along sometime after i decided but before i started the blog. i have been trying to get this video on my blog.... try as i may i couldnt figure out how to do so.. but there is a link to where you can watch it. the video checks in at 14 min and change. there is cheesy guitar music through the entire video and an female commentator with the quintessential optimistic voice. go check it out!


watching this video, my recurrent thought is ....im bored!!! throughout the film i am reminded of basic training/introduction films you are forced to watch when first starting a new job at some mega corporate company (B&N, Domino's...take your pic). it does a good job of showing all the general functions of the wall which was nice. but i am definitely not inspired to climb on the treadwall. there is a very antiseptic quality to the video. so i guess the question is, if something doesnt speak to you...may be you arent the audience. given that, i realize, "no i'm definitely not the target audience" ...and you probably arent either. these guys are mostly selling these things to fitness gyms...ie corporate turds! And those guys dont know a thing about climbing. it also likely they dont care. so you gotta sell to what they do hear... fitness, fun, member interest. overall, it felt like a visual root canal... in fact i think id prefer an actual root canal, with the gas! and the tugging! sorry boys.

there are times when the commentator is talking about technique and the climber is demonstrating HORRIBLE form. in the past when i was instructing, one of the things i always stressed was that you never "saddle" your foot on a hold. this propagates poor technique, and retards future develop of quality foot work. climbers need to develop good muscle control in their toes... when you use the arch of the foot to step on a hold it has neither good feel of the rock nor control. you cant pull into a foothold in this position. maybe you dont know what i mean so check out the pics...i used "circles" to emphasize my point... smart right?!

the red circles are the bad "saddling" that i was talking about. the green circles show the climber using their toes like good little boys and girls should!

in another segment of the video they talk about "Ground based Climbing" ...i dont understand this at ALL! i think thats all ill say on that subject, cause if you dont understand it... you dont have an opinion.

the video talks about other incentive programs... i dont know that this would matter to any home user. i doubt i will really ever track my mileage... maybe to beat the overall record? yeah that i would consider. but otherwise boo.

there is also an over use of back stepping in the video. back stepping for some reason seems to be one of those things people love to show off. i guess it looks characteristically like climbing. but like everything it has its place. and honestly i dont back step that much. it's like flagging... if your doing it every move, then your over doing it. so please stop with the pointless overdone off-balance ridiculous looking back stepping!

if i had the ability to change this in this video i would ditch the commentator with the super edited uncandid script. it feels phony to me, and that is never a good sale point ....for me, it generally has an opposite effect. i would also have a section with just stark sound. let people hear the functioning of the machine. i think sound can convey a lot. even though with most people its completely subliminal. they will hear the machine isnt clunky or loose sounding... ie "good design". i would dile down the soundtrack also through out the video. yeah its peppy and plays to a wide range of people, being neither overly recognizable or exclusive. but, after a while that same guitar hook gets abrasively repetitive and annoying.

the video in the end is worth watching. i feel bad saying so much negatively about it. im sure a lot of time and effort went into the production. but its not especially inspiring like some of the BigUP or Sender films.... of course it doesnt have to be. i doubt the goal of the film was more than a sales tool for sending out to fitness gyms. it gives you a lot of visuals of the treadwall and if pictures say a thousand words...video says infinitely more! and lacking anything better ive probably watch all 14 minutes at least fourteen times. so thanks guys i did enjoy it!!

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