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Sunday, September 18, 2011

keep'em safe

i have a bit of a dry spell in blogging lately i know. it's not that i dont love you. i dont. therefore, that emotion has nothing to do with my lack of writing. more to the point is, i have been spending more time lately trying to climb than thinking about climbing.

there can be many road blocks to climbing. your heads not on right, your job gets in the way, your physical conditioning is off, your focus is elsewhere, you dont have the money to travel for good sending temps or all of the above. i know because i have felt the effects of all these factors over the last couple years. but the one that can be the hardest to overcome sometimes is climbing partners.

climbing partners are we know a special relationship. you have to grow together. you need similar goals. each person needs to feel like part of the team. and that funny to me because we act like climbing isnt a team sport. but it kinda is. the ball i think is like the lead. you both want ball time. but not everyone like it when the ball is thrown hard. sooo... what am i trying to say? ...i have no idea. seriously, any help out there?

i think my point is you gotta take care of your partner. you need to take care of that relationship or it will fall apart. recently i lost the best climbing partner ive ever had. and its been the roughest thing i have ever faced in climbing. mostly because she was also my girlfriend and best friend. unfortunately, every time i climb i am finding myself wishing she was there to share the send. i want to tell her about the climbs on the drive home. i certainly dont love hearing second hand about her current adventures. she in short supply when im telling jokes at the campfire. and worst of all.... i have to trash all those plans for the future sends we had on our mutual tick list. sure i can still do them and im sure once i get past this hump someone new will step up to tie in! the point is.... its a big stall and huge bummer right now.... can you hear my tears between splashing on the digital pages?! uh? can you, can you? i know im a big pussy?! thanks josh... ill get over it.

but i guess, what i want to say is, keep your partner safe. emotionally and physically! dont push each other to do things that wont end fun. but more than that you can listen to each other. and hardest of all try to listen to what theyre not saying. vic and i fell apart because mostly i couldnt hear all the things that she wasnt saying. and thats not her fault. keep the adventure alive and you both keep smiling. try not to stagnate or play it too safe. take risks while your still using your head.

finally, i want to thank victoria for all the climbs and the adventures! both before and while we were dating, you are the best climbing partner i have ever had. you knew how to push me and how to keep me safe.... ill try not to free solo. especially right now when it seems like a really awesome idea.... damn you treadwall for making it so appealing! seriously though V, sorry i was a turd. your the best, i hope we tie in again one day and do at least one of those ticks!

do i have any actual advice? fuck no! what am i doctor phil?!

look guys just use your heads out there.... if your the stronger climber dont prideful, if your the smarter climber dont be arrogant, if your the bolder climber dont be dangerous, if your the weaker climber dont be afraid to trust in your partner, if your the newer climber dont be afraid to learn, if your the experienced climber dont get to thinking you know it all, and every climber... dont be afraid of a little adventure.

this message brought to you by my vagina.