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Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is a comment that was recently posted:
That is probably one of the most pathetic things i have ever read, people like you are the reason that people give up on projects, Yeah its unfeasible but not impossible, i recon (and by the way i am 15) i could build one for under £100 in my shed (yes i own a shed) out of Scrap and a cheep welder with a wheelchair motor, so if i can do it i am sure you with your 'industry contacts' can do it to.
~Joe Poxom

this was a comment to my article entitled pro·pri·e·tar·y ed·u·ca·tion

Joe, im sorry you found it to be sooo pathetic. unfortunately i find you to be pathetic. in the entire article, i pretty much said if you want to try you should!! theres nothing wrong with someone saying how hard it might be. if you do choose to do it, RIGHT THE FUCK ON! you little turd. oh please blog it, let us know how it goes. then give the knowledge away for free on the net. seriously if you have what it takes to make a DIY treadwall i think it should be shared!! but what you dont realize is IM NOT HERE TO GIVE SHIT AWAY THATS NOT MINE OR PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, you little douche. the whole point of this article was to tell people from eastern europe and asia to stop trying to get me to help them reverse engineer another persons lifes work!  Brewer's ledge is not a major corporation it a family run business of ACTUAL climbers!  do you really think that im going to help out asia companies, who dont give a shit about climbing, to try and make a cheaper rip off.  they are going to do it anyway but it doesnt mean i need to help.  also i dont need to be sued by my friends for being a dick!
seriously anyone and everyone out theres that wants to make youre own wall please try and succeed!  please let me know anything you learn or gain in the process and that you are willing to give away to the world for free.... cause i will post the shit out of anything you want to donate to the climbing community!  even if it just some goofball training routine that your into lets put some bad ideas out there!

finaly JOE!, i hope we one day climb and have a good time.  but at 15 your all kinds of a punk ass!  i know im a punk ass, we can smell our own.  obviously you read some of the article hopefully you read it all.  used your brain you little shit, read between the lines.  enjoy the humor.  plus, some people should be encourage to give up.  im thinking of people who strapped wings to there backs and jumped off barns!