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Thursday, October 13, 2011


hey gang... i guess your a gang. or a bunch of folks who got lost on the internet , via google, landed here and glanced... im assuming you glance at it, and read my blog. regardless i wanted to announce that i recently passed 1o,ooo visitors to my blog. i write it for my own sanity, but im happy to see the interested. ill keep writing for you guys as long as you keep reading and as you can see by the pic above its gotten more and more popular as i have gone on. the spikes crack me up. they're actually the result of others posting links on the internet.... love it. thank you all. i hope to write some new stories soon. i need to get a new camera though cause some ass broke into my car recently and stole mine. so.... i ramble but thanks. i promise more good stuff to come. i dont know what that will be cause i havent written it yet... but its in me kids. stay tuned and again thanks for making me feel at least small time! safe climbing. keep training to not be a fat american... or whatever country. i know this is world wide intraweb... bye?