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Friday, June 25, 2010

Huh! Why?!

so today i was working on the shed putting the finishing touches on the the roof and shingles, when who should stop by but blake stipple.... or blair kipple. doesnt matter. any way, he came by to see my progress and do some yacking about treadwalls. the topic eventually wandered around to some of the other funny machines we have heard about.

may i introduce the all too spectacular ....rope climbing machine. i dont know who would want this thing but according to their literature if you do this for a half hour you will burn 420 calories as opposed to the measly 300 calories you will burn on a treadmill. really? ....does that number sound fishy to anyone else.

regardless if you want one of these babies you can get it or a similar model (they have four.... really? four?). the sticker price for their tope model is on a little over $5,000. just check out their site: http://www.marpokinetics.com/ (make sure you take the link to the super cool promotional video!)

of course if you do get one of these please, please....please tell me why you actually need to train for climbing a rope, cause i honestly dont get the appeal. but then again i guess a treadwall aint for everyone.

oh! check out the other wacky machines i have discovered: http://treadwallproject.blogspot.com/2010/05/ten-thing-i-hate-are-not-you.html


  1. i googled rope machine, clicked images, and found your website that way. i googled it because i just got back from our gym where they had the same machine, and i wanted to find out how much they are. 5K is only about 5x too much for the machine, but that's not my point. the machine is unreal. i get your point of who wants to train climbing a rope. but, i had just worked out my arms, and wanted a little cardio so i tried out the machine for 5 minutes. best cardio i've ever gotten (or at least tied at the top). depending on how you stand/sit, it worked my entire upper body and i was totally spent. can't wait to continue using it.

  2. Like the previous person said, I found this blog through a google image search for "rope pull machine" because the gym I go to on March ARB has one of these. You have to try this machine to really understand the benefit. Perhaps someone wants to train to climb a rope, but has no where to climb a rope without looking weird. Regardless of the reason, I would never use this for training to climb a rope. I used it on level 7 (the highest level) for 35-second sets, with 1 minute rest in between each set. It was unreal how tired and out of breath I was. My bi's, tri's, lats, and a traps were sore and really swoll after all three sets. This is a great way to finish a back workout and get some last-minute arm/back work in. I would never ever spend more than $1k for a machine like this, but damn, I'm so glad my gym has this machine. Try it before you judge it!

  3. I have been using this machine for two weeks and frankly it is amazing. If you want a burn and an amazing workout this machine is it. As a former professional baseball player , College coach and now High school coach I recommend it to every trainer. I want to purchase one but the price tag is to high for my budget so I must go to the gym to get the benefit. It still wont help my players so I am lobbying my Booster club to buy one. Fingers crossed !