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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Counting On You.....

so, was that half dome in a day, el cap in a day, ....or the bog wall for a few laps....... how would you know?

honestly, i havent practiced counting since i had to prove i could get to twenty to pass kindergarten. but oddly enough i also remember have an argument when i was little with another duey about whos dad had counted the highest. both of i am sure was just lying our pull-ups off as we insisted "my dad comes home from work, crack a beer, and starts counting, he makes it at least a couple thousand a night.....should break into a million soon!"

oh how likely is that, counting... really kids.... only a child would brag about counting. the rest of us, well we developed the calculator, and the the computer.... and many other implements of measurement all for the sole purpose of avoiding ....counting!

so why would you buy a Treadwall and not pay the $390.00 dollars extra to get the time and distance counter. .....does this argument really need to go on?

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