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Saturday, May 1, 2010

the project

so i have been interested with the idea of the Treadwall for a while. in my local gym i often train for "mileage". this has gotten to be something of a joke with my regular climbing partners, which often leads to my ridicule. regardless, when i decided it was time (ie i now make enough money) i had to look into including one in my home gym plans.

some of my friends doubt me and think i should just build a traversing wall, but i've never been challenged by or interested enough to keep traversing. i need that feeling of upward progression! now if i wanted to train for that ridiculous traverse in Fifty Favorite Climbs (Middle Rock Traverse, Middle Cathedral, 5.12A)...but i dont, so let's move on.

the goals are as of now to create a home training ground for rock climbing. the elements to be included:

1) treadwall for endurance
2) bouldering wall for strength
ill fill in the blanks as i go!

The Treadwall

the first obstacle!! i have thought the idea of the Treadwall was awesome since the first time i heard of them 8 years ago. but like every other climber i was, until quite recently, dirt eating poor. every copper penny i had was saved for the next road trip.
so thankfully for me although i traded in my dirt bag lifestyle (not that i really qualified for ultimate dirt bag status) for an excellent paycheck. and as these paychecks began to build up due to my history of thrifty living i decided to do a little research on how practical the Treadwall was for the private buyer.
Okay folk may i introduce you to the pride of the fleet the M6 and his little brother the M4

these are the Cadillacs of the climbing machine industry. you may have seen people posting & giggling about them youtube. those sad disturbing videos of horrible technique portrayed by tennis shoe clad neophytes with no actual interest in the wall beyond its novelty.

here's the bad news...... M6 $9,950 ...M4 $7,950 (assuming you dont find a sale)

....and my Treadwall dreams die a crib death!

Treadwall KORE

brewer's ledge made this wall just for me!!!! and by that i mean they didnt make it for me but rather the KORE is their redesign of the M6 as a home model. they (Brewer's Ledge) realized that if they wanted to sell the wall to private buyers, then there should be a few choice changes made to their classic design.
now i dont want to knock the guys at brewer's ledge but lets face it, the M6 just isn't the optimum design for the serious climber to train on. i wouldnt complain if someone dropped one in my lap, but it only goes to -12 degrees overhanging, it's HUGE (ie expensive to ship), it has pointlessly textures wood panels, oh! and a price tag that will give you a hernia.
so what are the features that made me excited about the KORE?
-35 degrees overhanging!!!!!!!!!
-unfinished panels ....i like wood... i looks better, check out the pictures if you dont believe.
-6x11ft climbing surface. with total route height of 20ft, one rotation is easily a boulder prob.
-280 hold positions
-no crappy motor... auto drive and braking system, ...can you say shake out!!
-the same basic design that has been successful for 20 years. i fear the other fly by nights
-oh and the sticker $4,490.00
Okay, i know thats still more than i paid for my first car, or more than some pay in rent for a year but i thought about it in another sense. how much is that climbing gym membership? $650 a year.... maybe as cheap as $450 a year? the treadwall has a lifespan of 20 years! so $450 x 20 years... = $9,000.00 ...whew!, the sticker doesnt sting as bad when i think about it like that.
that being said they have some add-ons that you can get too. but there are only two which really seem necessary to me. first gotta get the distance counter that comes standard on the M6. second, the angle changing frame seems worth it as well. these option will cost me an addition $850.00 bucks.
so ive beaten the cost issue... or at least brought it to a place that does give me a heart attack. thus beginith my 6 months of saving for the opportunity to climb El Cap in a day, in the comfort of my own home!!!

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  1. That "ridiculous" traverse is way beyond you.