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Monday, June 21, 2010

Treadwall, Improving the patent?

ive been holding onto this for a little while now and i figure its time.... especially with all those boring shed posts. anyway ive shown you pieces of this photo before but check out the whole thing.... see if you can steal my thunder.
....i like this photo it would be a lot cooler if it wasnt indoor climbing. but when youre looking to show off the Treadwall KORE there really isnt a better picture. so did you spot the best part?
no, ....its not the ORGANIC crash pads, although i agree those are some of the best pads ever. especially bang for buck. just in case you havent been inundated with them at the boulders yet check out the web site: http://www.organicclimbing.com/
nope, its not the safety pads this guy wrapped around the legs....we already talked about that in case you missed it: http://treadwallproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/potential-problem.html
maybe you noticed the fact that this guy has some of the coolest holds ever made .....Pusher! but although that is awesome, its not the big point im getting at.... oh, by the way if you hadnt heard yet. PUSHER IS BACK! : http://www.pushergear.com/
okay kids, no more games here it is, ....see they changed the Logo! it has a black border with red text! cool right!

yeah, that was dumb i admit it. no no, this guy has beef up his treadwall mounting an old school Metolius Simulator hang board to the shroud. which if you ask me was the one to get because unfortunately they redesigned the simulator and made it lameski! see: http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/simulator.html

but before i point out how this was done and all the cool things blah blah blah, i did want to mention another hangboard that is AWESOME! (you see the "kids" tell me that when youre writing or "texting" that capitals mean youre really excited .....is that true?)

this is the "Head Board" by Etch, its one of the best hang boards ever. it got good jugs, no ridiculous amounts of pockets, a nice sloping rail, and the edges are great. i want to point out that i rarely agree with jason kehl but he made the point "if you want to train to fingers on a hang board? just take the other off" (maybe that isnt an exact quote). anyway, the best part of this hold is the amazing pinches on the bottom of either side. most hangboards dont have this feature..... they should. now normally i would tell people to check out the site but.... Etch on their site sells the board for $69.95, while our boy at Brewer's Ledge carry the board in their online store for $49.95. now i want you all to know that i am not sucking at the Treadwall teet. i really do love this board and i find it the oddest coincidence that it just happens to be the board they chose to carry. but, if they guys want to send me a free one when they ship my treadwall just cause i do pimp their shit, i wont complain. (**hint,hint** well see if they have been snooping on my blog)

Hangboard customizing~ so backing up to the whole... inspiration? ....point? ...purpose, yeah thats it. it was suggested to me by someone at Brewer's ledge the idea of adding a hangboard. to do this is easy. first, remove the shroud from the top of your wall. next, get a piece thin plywood and mark out where the screw holes line up. then drill out the holes and do the same to the middle panel on the shroud. youre gonna need a set of nuts and bolts so head the local hardware store. oh be sure theyre only as long as absolutely necessary! if you wanna do it right, you could use t-nuts, then pre-check the length of your bolts and cut them off so they dont stick out. this will insure that the holds dont scrape. so if you havent figured it out yet, put the plywood inside the shroud while mounting your hangboard on the outside. and Voila!

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