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Saturday, June 19, 2010

the Treadwall House (part 1)

So, for the last three days i have been in the process of constructing a new home for my soon to be arriving treadwall. i plan to write a little bit on the actual lessons i have learned so far in the construction.

that being said, why is there a little guy in a rain cloud here? ....because i live in washington and as Tyler said yesterday if you worried about construction getting wet nothing would ever be built in washington.

F the F-in' Rain!

i imagine ill tell you all about it when i get done. right now i only have two more days until i have to be back to work on the graveyard shift....the bane of my climbing!

side note, i put in for a new hospital job....so, do that prayer thing or stroke your... lucky rabbits foot or something...i need the job....

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