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Friday, June 11, 2010

Potential Problem?

HEY!!!! something just hit me as i was reviewing and editing my posts.... as scrutinizing as i have already been with this photo i am gonna take it one step further

how many of you alreay noticed the piece of foam hugging the leg of the Treadwall? this picture is from a private owners collection, so i can assume this is not a company suggestion from treadwall. but does this guy know something we dont. has he repeatedly kicked or hit the leg while climbing? maybe fallen into leg while climbing or popped of the wall and cracked himself? enough so that he has now attempted to protect himself from injury? OR is he simply paranoid?

well from only a photo an argument could be made for both. i guess this is another question i will try to answer in my final review!

(...honestly, do you love how observant and obsessive i am? it may be an illness... not sure.)

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