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Monday, July 19, 2010

Nuts, bolts, & Tools of the Trade

okay i goofed this post up once....lets try again....

hi! so, i figured i would keep the ball rolling with all the "help you
out with everything you might need for routesetting" thing. first, i want to give you a heads up on a couple of other sites that are full of tid-bits you might want to know....

these guys are awesome the road test and give reviews of all the major hold companies. plus... they have videos... i like to watch guys with funny accents

Routesetter.com ...kinda tells you what it is right? but these guys might know something you dont. check em out for nifty ideas on improving your skills.

moving on to the nuts and bolts....


this has been my staple since i started setting at the "blah blah blah" gym. they have everything! luckily, i have two in my home town area but you can order online just as easily. plus!, so much cheaper buying in bulk... here is a shopping list for you:

this is your standard bolt get them in all the different lengths but here is a description to find them easier on their site:
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Cap Screw

here is you standard flat finish or bevelled head for those crimps and foo chips. again the fastenal description:
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Finish Flat Socket Cap Screw

this guy is handy also. use this bolt for holds that take a socket cap heap but the bolt hole is shallow or none existent, ie the washer is on the surface. ....that way you cant step on the bolt bitch! (in joke)
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Finish Button Socket Cap Screw

...(just to educate you a little more, in the description above... 3/8" is the bolt diameter, 16 is the treading, and then is you bolt length. i try...)

last of all you need t-nuts... or is it tee nuts, guess it depends on who you talk to. well, they come in many different configurations frankly i vote ....buy the cheap one. but what you must have is:
3/8-16 Plain Finish Tee Nut

...and the TOOLS... oooooh!
first... IGNORE THE WRECH ON THE RIGHT! ....i hope you realize by now that you need a couple of these laying around. you can get them just about anywhere. try google it works wonders. oh, you baby! fine type this into an engine: T-handle allen wrench. you need both sizes 5/16 & 7/32. now the socket wrench is actually the "Titan 11051 3/8" & 1/2" Drive Combination Stubby Ratchet". this is what the "PROs" use, basicly you outfit it with two of the approriate sized allens, a couple of sockets and a dash of jb weld. ...oh and i strongly suggest you dont get a ball-driver either. a guy brought one of these into the gym and i swear he cross threaded more t-nuts than anyone else i have ever seen.

Speaking of cross threading!... you might want to invest in a tape & die set. again you can get them any where... and you should know the size you need by now. they are super handy for fixing those whoops moments. oh, if you dont want to buy a whole big set you can also get these individual sizes at E-GRIPS.
http://www.e-grips.com/accessories/tools.html ...plus they have good holds!

...okay i hope that helps!

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