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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rock Climbers and Their Dogs

So i just got my new pup! isnt he cute...? oh if youre not a dog lover, or liker? keep movin' anyway, so i started thinking about my new dog and whether or not i plan to take him with me when i go climbing. ill be honest i have a gut reaction to say yes and no. theres a lot to consider.

mostly i dont want to take a pet into the wild where he could piss off others who had no intention of seeing him. he could get hit by falling rocks. he could destroy the scenery around the climbs by digging or chewing. he could be a noise nuisance when im climbing if he whines. theres a lot to go wrong.

on the plus, hes fun to have around! and its a pain in the ass to leave him home when i go out for more than a few hours. guess thats why people take their dogs climbing.

i may need to make a part 2 for this when i've had more time to think it over. in the mean while... meet Brodie, he's a liver nosed Rhodesian Ridgeback!!