the whole point of this blog is to help others with all the questions they have about setting up a similar home climbing gym, and ramble about a variety of climbing related subjects.
There is a variety of subjects... most involving rock climbing, written about on this blog. MAKING VOLUMES OR CLIMBING HOLDS, is probably one of the more popular subjects. just check the labels links or search bar to find your fancy.
of course if you want to go back and start from the beggining, please do! to that end, if there are any question let me know ... i encourage you to add comments for others to read or if you want to get me directly you can email me at treadwallproject@hotmail.com
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME, READ THE MUST READ LIST.... oh!, ...and you have to fight!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chalk it up to economics

i love giving you guys a heads up on the good stuff! i dont know why i do it? ...but since im gonna you might as well keep checkin in with me. .....OH! and if you find something you wanna spread, let me know and ill help ya out!

so what are we talking about today? really? umm, chalk? duh! yeah this is that stuff that climbers consume like crack! and at the gym its expensive as shit! one day many years ago i was gym ratting and a buddy came in with a five gallon paint bucket full of chalk. what?! yup and he explained how he bulk buys his chalk and keeps it in his truck in this way. very quickly this made sense to me....im a cosco shopper!

so lets talk average prices... generally i have seen a 2oz brick for $2, a 3oz chalk ball is $3 a 5oz bag of loose chalk can be $5 or more. if you hunt for a little bit you can find that metolius 5lb bag for about $50 plus shipping cost (which is usually where they hide a little extra profit). i found a better deal.

how about 10lbs for $67 with shipping! heres where:

now im gonna try and sell you on it! assuming i dont get the stuff in 4 days and decide its crap(which will make me delete this post). so five pounds, last time i bought bulk lasted me about 2 years. now if you dont want to buy that big....invest with a couple buddies! now if you buy that same amount over time ...which you will if your a climber its gonna cost a lot! lets consider the 2oz brick for $2. 10lbs x 16oz(per pound) = 160oz x $2 (per brick) = $320.

$320 or $67? ....are you one of the special kids or have i gone far enough?

following that i thought i might just make a suggestion. now im not one of those guys who cares about loose chalk. i think its kinda dumb to spill massive amounts all over the area, but thats no reason not to use loose chalk. so i suggest using a mix of loose chalk and a ball. i put loose chalk in the bottom of my bag and then put a half full chalk ball on top. the ball helps keeps spills from happening and the loose chalk make it easier to chalk up.... for me, it works.

given that if you do use a ball... get a refillable one! get yourself a detergent or simple green bottle (gatorade also works great but it has no handle), then cut it off like in the photo and it makes reloading you chalk ball a snap!

oh replace that metal handle on your bucket for a stylish piece of tube web! take the drill bit you use for the T-nut holes and bore through the bucket where the handle was. this spot is reinforced and wont crack out. thread the web in and tie an overhand knot ....and its stylish!

thanks for all the new readers lately, i should get my treadwall kore tomorrow morning, but i wont start putting it together just yet....stupid work, stupid making a living! but ill post all that stuff as it happens... thanks!

the chalk i got is awesome, no negatives what so ever. i know in the comments mr "Horsey Checks" (ask him... hell know the reference) thought it would be better to get the "drying agent" but i cant tell a difference. i may try to find out what this "agent" is ....i may not? well see!
but... the chalk is good... BUY IT!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organic review


This is Josh Helke (unless i have a photo of someone else), and these are some of his creations. Josh's company is fast, friendly, and in my opinion now the best at what they do! ...and i dont say that lightly. in a previous post i even said how i was apprehensive cause i hate going with whats "cool"(http://treadwallproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/falling-in-good-style.html). but credit where its due!

so i decide the emails we had tell so much im gonna just post them here, to help tell the story of why i suggest you consider them. read them or skip ahead to the end result!

Hey Organic,
i am interested in a a 5" big pad and a half pad. i came up with a color pattern in the two attachments. i would like to have the big pad to have the large blue arrows and red for the small ones. then other pattern is opposite for the half pad. does the half pad carry well in the full pad? do you accept paypal?

Hi Alex,
Thanks a million for your email and support! No problem on that order those colors will be awesome!
Your total will be:
$315 for the big pad
$45 for ground shipping
$65 for the half pad and
$20 for ground shipping
Grand total $445
The half pad and briefcase pad are both designed to carry with the full pad under the flap it is a super nice slick set up I love it!Let me know what ya think and we can get rolling on this for ya!

Thanks so much for your support!
Josh Helke
Organic Climbing LLC
Cell 651.245.xxxx
Hey, thanks for the fast reply! the price sounds great! how do i pay and get the stitches goin.
Awesome! I will email over a secure paypal invoice right away for ya, once the payment comes through I will get cutting and sewing this right away for you!
Thanks so much for your support!Have an awesome day!
Hey josh,
i just sent you some money via paypal. sorry i didnt get to it sooner i work graveyard shift. um, so how long should i expect?
thanks so much
Awesome thanks so much : ) I will get this sewing in the next couple of days for you and have it shipping out for ya on monday. Thanks soooo much for your support hope you have a great rest of your week!

and yesterday here is what i got!!! the emails show how easy going friendly and personal dealing with this company is. the pads are awesome. its like "doctor evil and mini-me"! one funny thing is... im not sure if it was intentional but i got a slight upgrade, josh made my small pad a briefcase instead of the straight half pad i had asked for! either way im okay with it. josh also sent me a bunch of stickers which isnt a big deal.... but cool! i am completely satisfied with my dealings!
Josh thanks man i plan to enjoy your hard work!

sorry old school CORDLESS pad, i love you, you were awesome and ahead of your time, but.... theres a reason why we now call ya "tha three inch pad of death"

Monday, July 26, 2010

unrelated gear

i dont plan to ever post much material that isnt in some way related to treadwalls, but.... here are two things i have been excited about for some time, ...and they are finally here!

first off is the new grigri for smaller diameter sport climbing ropes...

next is the highlight in my mind the TOTEM CAM! this thing is awesome and there is way too much for me to tell you. so go to the website and order us both a set! take note particularly in how they working outwardly flaring placements, using only two cams out of four, and the unique cable design

Sunday, July 25, 2010

indoor living

here is a video of the inside of my completed shed... i guess ill tell you a little about how it went. i wasnt originally gone do much on the inside. but, then i quickly realized that a couple of spiders had moved in and i really want to be able to use the treadwall in the winter so it became reasonable to insulate the shed. with that decision made then i knew i would need to panel the inside as well. i have done sheet rocking in the past and hated it..... soo, i decide to put up some masonite panel board.... whoops!! yeah apparently the stuff loves to lay any way but flat, and even with a thousand nails in them i still had bowing at the seems and it looked kinda terrible.

well i figured i have gone that far so i might as well try to make the place look decent. which led me to put up a bunch of trim to hide the unsightly seems. it worked out for the most part. if you look close at the film there are a couple spots that still look a little lame.... but as my pop said when he saw it...."it's just a shed!" ....and i think i have taken it far enough already. well, there you have it i have a little more to go on the inside to finish but overall im ready for the arrival of my new treadwall, which will get here in a couple days! look forward to my assembly posts!

Friday, July 23, 2010

the fat kid

so, im sure all, most.... at least some of you have been where i am. i feel lately much like the the fat kid! so much so that my usual handle ("the fat kid") kinda hurts a little. its one of the so many reasons i am looking forward to the treadwall coming. i cant wait... Conant said it should be here on or around the 27th! dont worry im sure i will post way too much about it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nuts, bolts, & Tools of the Trade

okay i goofed this post up once....lets try again....

hi! so, i figured i would keep the ball rolling with all the "help you
out with everything you might need for routesetting" thing. first, i want to give you a heads up on a couple of other sites that are full of tid-bits you might want to know....

these guys are awesome the road test and give reviews of all the major hold companies. plus... they have videos... i like to watch guys with funny accents

Routesetter.com ...kinda tells you what it is right? but these guys might know something you dont. check em out for nifty ideas on improving your skills.

moving on to the nuts and bolts....


this has been my staple since i started setting at the "blah blah blah" gym. they have everything! luckily, i have two in my home town area but you can order online just as easily. plus!, so much cheaper buying in bulk... here is a shopping list for you:

this is your standard bolt get them in all the different lengths but here is a description to find them easier on their site:
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Cap Screw

here is you standard flat finish or bevelled head for those crimps and foo chips. again the fastenal description:
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Finish Flat Socket Cap Screw

this guy is handy also. use this bolt for holds that take a socket cap heap but the bolt hole is shallow or none existent, ie the washer is on the surface. ....that way you cant step on the bolt bitch! (in joke)
3/8"-16 x (enter your length here)" Black Oxide Finish Button Socket Cap Screw

...(just to educate you a little more, in the description above... 3/8" is the bolt diameter, 16 is the treading, and then is you bolt length. i try...)

last of all you need t-nuts... or is it tee nuts, guess it depends on who you talk to. well, they come in many different configurations frankly i vote ....buy the cheap one. but what you must have is:
3/8-16 Plain Finish Tee Nut

...and the TOOLS... oooooh!
first... IGNORE THE WRECH ON THE RIGHT! ....i hope you realize by now that you need a couple of these laying around. you can get them just about anywhere. try google it works wonders. oh, you baby! fine type this into an engine: T-handle allen wrench. you need both sizes 5/16 & 7/32. now the socket wrench is actually the "Titan 11051 3/8" & 1/2" Drive Combination Stubby Ratchet". this is what the "PROs" use, basicly you outfit it with two of the approriate sized allens, a couple of sockets and a dash of jb weld. ...oh and i strongly suggest you dont get a ball-driver either. a guy brought one of these into the gym and i swear he cross threaded more t-nuts than anyone else i have ever seen.

Speaking of cross threading!... you might want to invest in a tape & die set. again you can get them any where... and you should know the size you need by now. they are super handy for fixing those whoops moments. oh, if you dont want to buy a whole big set you can also get these individual sizes at E-GRIPS.
http://www.e-grips.com/accessories/tools.html ...plus they have good holds!

...okay i hope that helps!

four marking your territory....

this is kind of a funny topic for me.... and the rest of the Vulgarian climbing team. but i wont go into that here, the important part is..... you need tape to set a route! or you could memorize it. which is fine too.... i think thats dumb. but lets assume you are on the prowl for some brightly colored means of route making. well i have some choices for you. only one have i ever actually bought from so the rest will be unknown but you can give em a shot?

first up is IDENTI-TAPE. their tape is about as ghetto as their logo. i used these guys when i was the head setter at my gym... but they went down hill. unfortunately many people still buy from them because they are cheap as hell. but their tape wont always stick in cold or hot weather.... so i say boo. you are free to take your chances though.

next up is these guys... theyre slightly more expensive but i think ill give them a shot next. they tried to block me from stealing their logo...but as you can see i got it. i win you lose... where was i? oh yeah, hopefully it will be worth the extra 0.4o cents a roll.... and if not oh well.
UPDATE: got my shipment in today, looks like the good stuff

these dudes i know nothing and have nothing really to add.... oh except the selection sucks... other than that they are still cheaper than the $10 bucks a roll price that most places are sporting!


...and our final contestant is.....findtape(dot)com! yeah these guys have had deals on their pages but warn you, their site can be a little frustrating and annoying to navigate.
so my final words of advice are.... pay between $4-$7... never $10. you want 1" tape. tearing 2" tape down the middle all the time isnt worth it, and it makes your wall look CRAPPY! oh and when you buy a roll the standard to get is 60 yards.... dont get screwed buying a short roll. trust me it can happen.
remember im always here for questions and advice....even if your not asking... but, YOU SHOULD! comment please?
p.s. their is a fifth tape maker in this (post?)... but since ive tried and havent been able to figure out how to order from them i decided not to mention it... can you guess who it is?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


i wonder which part of the treadwall this is.... for three billion dollars anyone want to take a guess? ...no i dont have that kind of money, but maybe it will magically appear if you guess right.

i cant wait for my treadwall to get hear so i can find out myself. tomorrow ill give Brewers Ledge the rest of the money and it should be shipped out soon after. which should give me just enough time to do the finish work on the inside of the shed.

btw... i am SICK of working on the shed. it started out really fun. i was learning how to frame a building and do all this fun stuff but now.... its just all boring stuff....like painting. boo.

well, hopefully i will have an ETA for the wall tomorrow. take care loyal readers. oh, feel free to chime in anytime you want. what did you like? any questions? .... im just gonna keep asking until you guys start chiming in.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HITs home

i love finding stuff that people have done well and reposting it. here is a submission i found on mountain project! it was posted by Dustin Clelen
From Denver, CO. i hope you like it too. heres his stuff:

This is a pretty cool little woody that's completely removable from the doorway. You have to scrunch down to use that first HIT strip, but other than that it works great. I've been wanting one for years but have never had the space (damn apartments!). This design lets me train my rump off, even without a garage or basement. Takes about 5 minutes to set up.

well... i hope you enjoyed that like i did.... if not? well im sure theres something her you might like. oh, and it seems im moving up in the world... apparently somebody i never heard of made a post on mountain project about little old me.... im touched!

Need a Closer Look?

"where is this going?" ...how about a preview of future topics of the treadwall project.

~finally.... payment, shipment and arrival of the treadwall Kore

~completion of the shed with a video TOUR ...oohh!

~Kore assembly experience & discussion

~Organic crash pad review

~setting the first route on the Kore

~climbing, functions & features

~customer satisfaction or buyers remorse!

~solo training programs & team training

~more on building a volume, start to finish!

~more on hold making!

~building my bouldering wall

does that keep you guys interested to come back for more? well, im sure i will also post a trifle amount of boorish jocks as per usual... for those who are only now joining us i am only trying to help other make the decision on whether or not the treadwall is right for you. plus already along this path i have made mistakes and thing i would do different, could i. so i can help pass on that gobble-d-gook.

last but not least i look forward to answering questions and talking to you readers.....

SO $*%@(-ing COMMENT SOMETIME!!! ...just kidding... i love you... where you going.. come back....?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

good versus bad

soo... seriously folks, i know your there i watch the stat counter going up. and according to the webby thingy it says it's new and old folks. so some of you are coming back! how about a little feedback? anybody like/dislike what theyre reading? do you hate the fact that i rarely use upper case letters or that i never use an apostrophe?

just lookin for a little love.... no big deal.
maybe, be the first to sign up and "follow" my blog. i never would... but you might?

I KNOW YOUR THERE!.... stop hiding sissy....

THE BOULDER-....tron?

yeah so i post i just recently finished had a guy talking about a bouldering/climbing training machine that was supposedly better than a treadwall.

its called!: the bouldertron.... really? that's what ya got? well the links to this thing were all dead with the website burried. but i dont give up so easily in my quest to give you kids pictures of random she-ite! i turned to my favorite internet tool.... Google image search. from there i FOUND! .....nothing ...nada. zip. zilch. how could this be? a reference to a climbing machine i had never heard of and now i cant even research it. boo! seriously boo.

eventually i broadened out and start looking for the company cragmaker. still nothing. then i went out for the guy who own the company off a vague posting i found. in the end here's what i found out, an article from this website:

About Jim Strickler and CRAGMAKER:
What do your get when you cross an expert climber and adventurist with a cornell Engineering PhD? You get jim strickler, creator of CRAGMAKER climbing, a computerized climbing wall that actually progresses with you as you learn. Climbing is a multilayered sport and is a combination of physical dexterity and the ability to problem solve….like doing crossword puzzles while standing on a galloping horse.By training on our climbing wall, not only are you developing the power to hoist yourself up by your fingertips, you are learning the different ways you can move your body to decipher a rock face and climb it most efficiently. Another often misunderstood issue around climbing is that you have to be tied to a sixty in the air by a harness (we love that, too, and to learn about our rock climbing and alpining packages click here). Intense climbing includes “boulering” and traversing”, both which leave you only inches or feet off the ground and still involve every inch of stamina and muscle you ever conjured up in your life. CRAGMAKER climbing walls use the CRAGMAKER BRAIN, a computer system designed to keep you on your toes, literally. By climbing only lighted routes, the computer suggests climbs that challenge you and require a constant, consistent improvements in your training. A fantastic training tool for serious climbers and a great learning apparatus for discovering the adventurer within.
If you want a custom wall built for you in your home, just like Jennifer Garner, contact us!

Ah Ha HA hah ha ha HA ah HA ha!!! ".....just like Jennifer Garner"?! ha ha ah ha haah ha ha!!!!

oh my, well i guess this thing must be good! seriously though, would you guys begrudge me if i decided not to take a testimonial about rock climbing from JENNY GARNER?

Anyway so that article still really didnt tell me about the wall. but it gave me a name.... so i started searching patents.... im sick i know. that led me finally to something worth while! i found this article from WIRED magazine:

Rock climbers are a unique breed. They're adrenaline junkies, constantly looking for new challenges. But real cliffs aren't always accessible to city dwellers. And the next-best things -- climbing gyms -- are often located in remote warehouse districts that afford them the necessary space. Plus, scaling the same wall over and over can get kind of boring.
Jim Strickler has invented an indoor climbing wall that can be set up almost anywhere and instantly mapped with completely new routes, lighted by glowing footholds. "We want to downsize the facilities -- take them out of industrial zones and bring them into neighborhoods, and make more of a community-based experience for the individual," Strickler said.

In 1994, while he was working at a consulting firm in Manhattan, Strickler wanted to be able to climb without traveling too far. But his options were limited in the crowded city. What's more, most climbing gyms create courses by marking footholds with colored tape. Altering courses is fairly labor intensive. That means gyms need lots of space so they can supply a variety of paths without frequent tape changes.

"Part of the excitement and challenge and fun is discovering how to do the different routes," Strickler said. Strickler, who holds a doctorate in applied physics, realized that if he wanted to climb in Manhattan, he had to come up with an alternative route-changing system. One day, a light bulb went on (pun intended). Strickler's idea: mark climbing courses with LEDs next to footholds, instead of tape. Changing a route is as easy as selecting a new one from a database. But like most good ideas, Strickler's inspiration didn't work exactly as he first envisioned it. The LEDs weren't bright enough, for one thing.
Then, he and his partners ran out of money as soon as they completed their first prototype. Strickler went back to work at a banking firm, but in 1999 when the economic implosion began, he got the itch to revisit development of his patented rock wall. By then, LED technology had improved, so the lights were bright enough to illuminate the entire foothold. Picture Dance Dance Revolution, the dancing game that kids are into these days, and make it vertical. Strickler and his team, which included some friends and some hired engineers, designed a bunch of holds and the walls to stick them on. They also developed a database of climbing routes for every level of difficulty.
In the next six months, Strickler plans to incorporate tactile technology that records a climber's progress and allows for automated scoring in competitions. Eventually, he wants to connect climbers on the Internet and hold real-time competitions between people in different cities. Mykael Lazzeri, a veteran climbing instructor at Mission Cliffs in San Francisco, thinks glowing climbing walls sound "cool," but not totally necessary. His gym changes its climbing routes plenty often, he said. "Course setters come in every week and change separate sections of the gym. It rotates every week in cycles, and it's a completely different gym every two months." Lazzeri also said climbers will always want tall walls, which need a large space.
"There's still a place for tall climbing gyms," Strickler said, "but we just think there are a lot more places for bouldering studios." Lazzeri suggested that the glowing walls might be a draw for nightclubs. Strickler said his prototype gym, Red Rox Climbing in Los Angeles, was designed in the spirit of a club, minus the liquor. The walls are painted black and Turkish rugs are spread on the floor. Patrons are encouraged to bring their favorite music. "Our place has a club atmosphere, but the only drug we serve is adrenaline," he said. With a monthly membership fee of only $25, and without any promotion, he's accrued 50 members. He'll open a second site in December in Santa Monica. "People (in the L.A. area) are very willing to try new things," he said. "It's also a huge media town -- we've already had numerous TV shows filming at our site." Those include MTV's Taildaters and Toughenough, as well as Blind Date.
The venture has turned into a two-pronged business. The first, CragMaker, manufactures and sells various models of the lighted climbing walls. One of them is the Bouldertron, a $10,000, 12-foot-high, 7-foot-wide wall that incorporates 25 levels of difficulty. It can fit in a regular gym, and Strickler also hopes to sell it to schools -- and even to homeowners. The other part of the company aims to help budding climbing-gym owners start their own businesses. "A lot of people who would like to operate a climbing gym might not have the business experience," Strickler said. "We're putting together a franchise package that would include equipment but would also help them with site selection, financing, business systems ... promotion...." Strickler has high hopes for the far-reaching effects of his rock walls. When hooked to a computer, climbing becomes just as addictive as any thumb-based game, he said, and it gives the same type of instant gratification that video games do. "We think it's going to be the gaming platform that's going to save the nation's youth from the obesity epidemic," he said. "It turns the wall into a huge joystick."

sounds like a poopy flavored lolly pop to me! normally i would digress and tear an article apart.... but you read it. if you didnt come to the same opinion as i have (WORST IDEA EVER!) i honestly think there is no helping you. plus, i think the public pretty much did agree because....where is this thing now? ...that's right gone. oh pictures!... thousand words! ...they all say EW.

oh treadwall you were never in any real danger...


Conant emailed me today to let me know my treadwall KORE is finally done..... unfortunately i work nights and didnt get the email until they had already closed back east. so, tomorrow i will give them a call and make my last payment and i'll let you know when it arrives!

Oh and Josh from Organic sent me a paypal request for my crash pads....arg and the treadwall shed isnt done....guess, i wont be going to squamish this weekend. alejandro's gots chores!

Monday, July 12, 2010

how the other side lives!

so i am look around, not as much lately, on the net i scope out different treads regarding the tread wall. and i see a lot of badmouthing out there. usually its someone sounding off who has never used a treadwall. ...or if they have and it was for thirty seconds. i kinda bummed me out when i was trying to make my decision because facts are what make a good argument not conjecture. but the other day i came across this thread and decided to share it ....with my own color commentary of course.

So the set up is; i found the tread and on guy like the idea and another said boo! here is a link to the actual thread : http://www.climbeasterncanada.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=502

i have made a little bit of changes to the responders text, i put in "point references" for where i plan to make retorts.... enjoy?

excited newbie wrote:
Ill take your word for it mitch, but why is it bad for training? It seems to force you to use fluid motions instead of being a choppy climber. I dont know a thing about them but they seem ok.

mitchleblanc wrote:
Thanks for trusting me Now let me try to convince you! First of all, what "dcentral" meant by "there's no angle change" is that once you hop on the wall, it's a constant angle, until you hop off. The reason he says this as a negative is because when you build a bouldering wall, you want variety! (POINT 1) He also noted that you can't traverse, down climb, etc.. (POINT 2) A treadmill (as for running) is *insanely* repetitive. And that, frankly, is all the downside you need! The main obstacle to working out (as anyone who trains will attest to) is boredom, and motivation. (POINT 3) I had a gym at my house that was pretty sizable, and even that got insanely boring. You just lose motivation, and stop doing it. (POINT 4) Plus, $2000 is a load of money. You could build an awesome home gym (where you could set proper routes, and actually have fun climbing) for that much, including holds, chin up bar, etc. Man, pay me to build you a gym! (POINT 5) Plus, if you are learning "fluid" climbing on a treadmill.. What good does it do you? Real rock doesn't move any more than a wall. You will learn to boulder smoothly on your own, as you improve. If the treadmill isn't moving continuously (which would be ridiculous) than how is it actually any different? Can't you still stop and be choppy? (POINT 6) Lastly: They had one at the Pepsi Max booth in Hyde Park the other day.. and it was called The Wall of Non-Terror, I kid you not. If that's not reason enough to convince you not to buy one, I don't know what is! (POINT 7)

Alejandro's retort:
so i realize that my blog is very one sided so i want to put up another view ....fairs fair. although i disagree with this guy (mitchleblanc) i want to say that he makes the strongest most well thought out negative review of the treadwall i have yet to see. but still he admits earlier in the tread that he has seen one but not climbed on it. although he agrees they have an obvious draw and appeal. he seems to be only against getting one at home for training. soooo.....

Point 1: umm, variety? when you build a bouldering wall.... ITS NEVER CHANGES ANGLE! unless you design it to "tilt". this point was definitely arguable... especially with the angle changing of the kore. the kore you can set a boulder problem... and after you send you can make it hard be increasing the angle. now i think he (mitchleblanc) is also pointing out that the kore doesnt change angle during you climb like the "climb station" machine. personally, i like that! the motorized thing just seems like more to go wrong, and... it seems to remove the climbing even more from actual reality. but that personal taste i guess.

Point 2: F&*$ traversing and down climbing, the only reason people do that is because its easier to keep climbing in a gym with these methods. its a training exercise for building power endurance. if you could keep climbing vertically would you really ever "train" to traverse.

Point 3: Yeah i agree with your point that treadmills are boring.... but how many treadmills are there in america? do you see a bunch of gyms phasing them out?

Point 4: of course repetition is boring. thats why we set training goals for accomplishing our outdoor goals! hes just stating the obvious...

Point 5: CORRECT SIR! well played. they are expensive... and that one was only $2,grand used. buy it fool! youll never find it that cheap again! but honestly if i wasnt single with barely any bills i wouldnt be buying one either. so this points to you.

Point 6: im not sure what is really being argued here. is the machine causing you to be fluid? ...no. is the machine causing you to be choppy? ...honestly im not sure havent climbed one yet. but in videos i have seen i havent seen any issue. check out youtube or brewerslegde.com to seem some for yourself. but i think the author is agreeing with me so...non-issue?

Point 7: oh...sir! go out strong! make your last point echo with truth... dont sneak in a jab that really doesnt count for anything. you were at PEPSI MAX.... and something had a cheesy name? really? of course they yucked it up for the drooling masses. but treadwall didnt name it that. the vendor did. so it says nothing about the product. more importantly though if they renamed it the "flying shit factory of doom" and it was still an awesome product that improved my climbing and was fun....sorry guy id still use it. but if you wanna choose your friends based on they're name go ahead.

later mitchleblanc boasted in the same thread about another climbing machine i had never heard of (how can this be?!!)... the BOULDERTRON? made by cragmaker. but when i tried to track this thing down i found only deleted weblinks. hmm? back the wrong horse?

in the end i think mitchleblanc has a right to his opinion and he did a better job than most other treadwall critics.

SF setup

so when back when i was originally trying to gather info on the treadwall to decide if i want to waste....i mean invest the money in a treadwall i ran into this guy who wrote me a great review of the treadwall KORE. here is a link to that. and a picture he "recently" posted of his setup. if you are considering getting your own wall i suggest you read what he had to say!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

falling in good style


so i normally try and avoid the band wagon. so when i see countless folks rockin the organic crash pads i kinda groan a little inside. but i gotta admit, theyre really a great pad. plus i get to design my own color pattern. you do have to keep it kinda simple though since it is being sewn together and the more seams you have the more it can tear. so.... i am in the process of ordering the 5 inch thick "big pad" and an additional "half pad". i made my design in MS paint, and included the pick in my email to organic. i expect i should hear back to them in a couple days... ill let you know how they are ordering from them as a company. ...um so update to follow, oh heres my design.