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Friday, June 11, 2010

My New Hold Models

BTW!..... i know i already posted today, ...more than once. thats not the point. but i almost forgot to drop the line on my new holds. some of you less than care, but hey there could be one person out there interested and so what if hes my father!

so i cast some new models.....molds.....holds...whatever! and here they are!

first, i thought i would point out that apparently one person believes i may be a seattle sounders fan. apparently i used their colors for my holds. um, apparently not! soccer is lame....you can get injured....then you cant rock climb....and i support nothing that has the potential to interfere with the climbing and scale of said rock!

any who, someone once asked me if making holds is worth it. to me? duh i obviously get enjoyment out of the whole process! shaping, molding, casting, climbing.......thinking of new shapes. see it's like a circle. if your a routesetter i think you get my .....whatever im on.

but is it worth it. well count em up?

58 holds right? double check if ya want...like im gonna cheat? divided by? the resin cost me about $100 dollars. so lets go with that figure. comes to $1.73 per hold. now im not one to compare my craft with the likes of say pusher.....but i definitely dont see metolius doing it that cheap. in all fairness though, i did have other costs involved, the total to make this specific batch so far is more like $5.15 per hold. but keep in mind, every time.....every time i use those molds and make another hold....that price goes DOWN! so considering that right now, those holds are metolius quality....at least, and they are at least the same price...... YES! ITS WORTH IT TO ME!

oh and i promise not to post anymore today.... ps ten more shopping months till my birthday... GO!

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