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Saturday, July 17, 2010

HITs home

i love finding stuff that people have done well and reposting it. here is a submission i found on mountain project! it was posted by Dustin Clelen
From Denver, CO. i hope you like it too. heres his stuff:

This is a pretty cool little woody that's completely removable from the doorway. You have to scrunch down to use that first HIT strip, but other than that it works great. I've been wanting one for years but have never had the space (damn apartments!). This design lets me train my rump off, even without a garage or basement. Takes about 5 minutes to set up.

well... i hope you enjoyed that like i did.... if not? well im sure theres something her you might like. oh, and it seems im moving up in the world... apparently somebody i never heard of made a post on mountain project about little old me.... im touched!


  1. Hey there Alejandro,

    I'm glad you found the info on my HIT setup helpful - nice blog!

  2. hey thanks.... hope you find something else on here that you can use!