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Sunday, June 20, 2010

the Treadwall House (part 3)

Day 4: today found me working on my own, which is okay because tyler gave me such a strong start that i was able to get some serious work done. first i put up about have the siding so as to add some stability. i had planned on siding the whole building but, the rain returned. therefore i decided it was a good idea to get a roof on the place. so i spent the rest of the day getting the rafters up. after a little of trial and error i got them all up before the dark it. hopefully tomorrow i will get the roof sheets up. but who knows i do have to go back to working graveyard tomorrow night.

Update.... Day 5: ....so heres what i got done today. not a whole lot. i started late around 12:30, because apparently when i work four days in row it makes me lazy come day five. but since the sun was out i decided to throw some OSB up on the roof. hopefully tomorrow and the next couple of days i will be able to get some little things done. otherwise the shed will have to sit until thurs when i have my next day off.

.....i guess for some of you these are all very boring posts. i just figured i put up the building plans i might as well show the construction. dont worry soon, the Treadwall will get here and we will talk about much more important things!

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