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Monday, July 19, 2010

four marking your territory....

this is kind of a funny topic for me.... and the rest of the Vulgarian climbing team. but i wont go into that here, the important part is..... you need tape to set a route! or you could memorize it. which is fine too.... i think thats dumb. but lets assume you are on the prowl for some brightly colored means of route making. well i have some choices for you. only one have i ever actually bought from so the rest will be unknown but you can give em a shot?

first up is IDENTI-TAPE. their tape is about as ghetto as their logo. i used these guys when i was the head setter at my gym... but they went down hill. unfortunately many people still buy from them because they are cheap as hell. but their tape wont always stick in cold or hot weather.... so i say boo. you are free to take your chances though.

next up is these guys... theyre slightly more expensive but i think ill give them a shot next. they tried to block me from stealing their logo...but as you can see i got it. i win you lose... where was i? oh yeah, hopefully it will be worth the extra 0.4o cents a roll.... and if not oh well.
UPDATE: got my shipment in today, looks like the good stuff

these dudes i know nothing and have nothing really to add.... oh except the selection sucks... other than that they are still cheaper than the $10 bucks a roll price that most places are sporting!


...and our final contestant is.....findtape(dot)com! yeah these guys have had deals on their pages but warn you, their site can be a little frustrating and annoying to navigate.
so my final words of advice are.... pay between $4-$7... never $10. you want 1" tape. tearing 2" tape down the middle all the time isnt worth it, and it makes your wall look CRAPPY! oh and when you buy a roll the standard to get is 60 yards.... dont get screwed buying a short roll. trust me it can happen.
remember im always here for questions and advice....even if your not asking... but, YOU SHOULD! comment please?
p.s. their is a fifth tape maker in this (post?)... but since ive tried and havent been able to figure out how to order from them i decided not to mention it... can you guess who it is?

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