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Friday, June 4, 2010

Training has some advantages

but frankly.... i wouldnt know what those are. i havent been training at all lately. and by lately, i mean the last six months. so time to get to it. ive always been into creating my own training routine. and i base mine often on what has worked for others and what feels right to me. Peter Croft... please tell me you know who that is.... anyway, Croft said the way he always chose to train was by doing whatever felt right to him, on any given day. i fully agree with this concept. and it has managed to keep me away from any major injury. but i... like so many others am rather lazy when it comes down to buckling into a training program. well i like to research training more than actually sticking to a schedule. one little tid bit i found is this site....


yup, help your elbows, core strength, chest, and shoulders.... this site details a 6 week plan for anyone to crank out 100 straight pushups. if i stick with it ill give you an update on how it went for me.

another training tool i like is sadly...tae bo. mock me all you want but when im doing it regular i stay interested and the one specific video i stick to focuses on abs and core strength. plus balance and core at one point. so.... for climbing it seems to be helpful.

by the way i keep trying to post schedules that i have made for training.... but i dont know how to do it when its an excell or word doc. maybe when im really bored ill figure it out.

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