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Monday, May 24, 2010


.....this might get uncomfortable for some of you. mostly because im going to make fun of you. A LOT! normally i hate blogs, they need a point and focus. this post completely deviates from my point. im not gonna mention the ...tr--d-all k-r- at all. nore are we gonna talk about anything practical. but i am gonna address some parts of climbing culture. but if this is your first visit to the this blog go read the other posts first... then come back to this for comic relief.

so...anyone who climbs regularly hits the crag and hears countless things being yelled repeatedly to inspire each other. GO!, You got it! Grab the PINCH!, i gotcha! Allez, Venga! ...GUMBA!(japanese?)

okay yeah youre annoying, but i can handle it to a degree. but there is this new archetype in my airspace. and i would describe them as annoying urban climbing, skate shoe wearin, upity mega-vegan dieting, tight jeans wearing, indie pop 80's revival music listening, anorexic BMI having, fakey dirt-bag lifestylin (we know you live with your parents and eat outa their frig.), so-ill worshipping (come 'on they arent that cool, plastic thumb? plastic teeth? giant tongue? we get jason kehl "youre wierd"), no history knowin ("john bachar died? who's that? did evolve sponsor him?), and one for pure hate sake.... douche bags. yeah i cant stand you guys. because the only reason you climb is cause your good today and that jerks off your ego. the climbing gym handed climbing to you but you have no actual sense of adventure beyond your "sick hard send" and no sense of the cultural history. i cant wait till you get an injury! seriously, i pee myself laughing every time one of you tells me you have a "tendon injury" cause you "over trained" something. alright, im getting off point but let me digress for just one last point:

when you talk $#!t about how strong you are, keep in mind that there are some of us at healthy body weights who dont want to hear it. sure you climb harder up there, your strength to weight is really good. but... on the ground i can kick the living $#!t out of you. no seriously, your 135lbs will fit nicely under my boot, ill hit a bi-otch. so run your mouth. i cant wait for you to annoy me enough so i can justify, to myself, cutting your rope in the middle ("oh, was that an 80m so you could do the link up in one pitch?") and then i stomp on your throat!

......WHEW! wow... i exorcised a few demons there! folks, i think were doing some good today.

What i really want to put a stop to though is this. your out at the wall and all i keep hearing lately is "GET PYSCHED!".... "COME ON! GET PYSCHED!" only they say it more like "get psyct". F*%K! it's annoying. i hear it at the walls, in different states, i heard it in the boulders in canada, bishop, the gyms. UGH! i cant handle these people anymore, youre dumb!

first off, lets start with simple evidence, if neil patrick harris will use a "saying" you know its bad americana. when was the last time he did anything that wasnt satirical?

Point number two, definitions. lets break down the roots of this annoying phrase.

the psyche: an ancient greek word meaning soul or mind. the seat of faculty and reason.

to pysch, pysching : to confused to cause derangement

pysched: emotionally excited

so we have the origin of the word, but that nothing like what your shouting at the wall right? its just where you got the spelling i guess. i doubt kids are asking their friend to: "Urban dictionary" version, which honestly seems like the opposite of what i want to do on a climb. "no stop your thinking, become confused!" yeah that's not right. finally i think we hit what your trying to say but... usually i try to focus, become clear with the moves. emotions can flip quickly and i want to control them. extreme emotions like "PSYCHED!" can become terror when you get run out or blow something. so shouldnt we tell our climbing partners to focus, ...use their head. but then again, most climbers today just dont know much in the first place.... so yeah, use that dumb emotional energy to gun for the top... its just about all ya got!

lastly i know i cant appeal to your sense of irony. or to your intelligence in this matter. but maybe i can appeal to your sense of cool? thats what its all about, right? well how about this guy...

is this dude really the "band wagon" you wanna hitch up to? yeah... i think that point is clear. yup two pictures movin on...

in closing, please quit climbing, please quit saying "THAT" ...or you could catch a rock in the head.

...see jesus will answer my prayers and smite your ass!

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