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Saturday, June 12, 2010

F That F 'N' S! , the worst of the Treadwall upgrades

Okay the title is harsh..... but thats the way i feel about these upgrades..... you on the other hand may feel remarkable different. which is okay.... youre wrong, you really are, but thats okay its your money spend it how you want. obviously there are people out there who want these things or they never would have gone into production.

*if you work at Brewer's Ledge, maybe in product development, please dont read this!*

**oh!... unless your a man, in which case carry on**

Textured Panels ~ i guess there is in the climbing industry a love affair with attempting to create the most realistic or close approximation of the experience of climbing on real rock. personally, i agree with that ideal, but look kids, sometimes you just go too far from the source to keep the illusion going.

take a look at the "texture" of this wall... does it honestly look like rock? also, what is the practical use of texture? ....smearing, really youre gonna place a tenuous foot smeared on a moving surface. Not to mention the wall is overhanging as much as 35 degrees. really? you need to smear on that?

now i know this matters little when we consider form and function.... but, it's UGLY! its not aesthetically pleasing. its messing with my fung sway or whatever. how can i enjoy sipping my green tea and bending my self into my favorite salute the sun wolf gag position with these funky panels in the room. thanks ill stick by the nice unfinished wood. an uncarved block if you will.

well okay its another $495.00 i guess you just gotta help get someone through college!

Starter Hold Set~ so whatcha gonna do? you gotta have holds. unless you can climb like a gecko.

the FACTS: 38 holds, $289.00, $7.61 per hold.
as hold prices go thats not bad. on average you spend $45 bucks for a hold set of 5 to 8 holds. at the same time. i hate so-ill holds but they have a starter set that is 53 holds for $159.00.

not too mention the holds dont jump out at me as being cool fun shapes to climb on. sorry guys but im reasonably sure you arent manufacturing these holds yourselves anyway. so i dont feel that bad. odds are you have a contract with another company, mostly so that when you sell your walls to fitness gyms you can give them an all in one product. but you know the holds arent the bees knees ...so, you thought you would make it an add on for the suckers, when they get the KORE. im full ill skip this meal thanks!

The Ladder Line~ what the F%*#$! who came up with this? are you paying him? can you get that money back or did he spend it already? ....*deep breath* its okay that was a knee jerk reaction i know. also this isnt one of the "popular options" i know. but there was a you tube video that popped up and its in your promotional video so i had to address it.

WHAT?! $24.00 for one of these things? its a piece of DOWEL essentially bolted down on top of two foot chips!!!!!!!! $299.00 for the whole set? how many come in a set?!

this is like taking a superior product and blending it with old out dated inferior technology! like putting a walk-e-talkie in my cell phone! ....hey? can i get an etch-a-sketch for my drafting software!!! super! thanks!

if you dont agree with my summation, check out one of my previous posts! http://treadwallproject.blogspot.com/2010/05/ten-thing-i-hate-are-not-you.html . i still pee myself laughing every time i look at the endless ladder. but again i really hope this is just you guys marketing this to the fitness gyms cause theyre dumb and you thought "throw it their way too... maybe well get a fish?"

in closing i would like to apologise to the guys at Brewer's Ledge. i am ....a major ass. i hope i havent cost you any business. honestly, im pretty sure im not the unpopular opinion.

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