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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organic review


This is Josh Helke (unless i have a photo of someone else), and these are some of his creations. Josh's company is fast, friendly, and in my opinion now the best at what they do! ...and i dont say that lightly. in a previous post i even said how i was apprehensive cause i hate going with whats "cool"(http://treadwallproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/falling-in-good-style.html). but credit where its due!

so i decide the emails we had tell so much im gonna just post them here, to help tell the story of why i suggest you consider them. read them or skip ahead to the end result!

Hey Organic,
i am interested in a a 5" big pad and a half pad. i came up with a color pattern in the two attachments. i would like to have the big pad to have the large blue arrows and red for the small ones. then other pattern is opposite for the half pad. does the half pad carry well in the full pad? do you accept paypal?

Hi Alex,
Thanks a million for your email and support! No problem on that order those colors will be awesome!
Your total will be:
$315 for the big pad
$45 for ground shipping
$65 for the half pad and
$20 for ground shipping
Grand total $445
The half pad and briefcase pad are both designed to carry with the full pad under the flap it is a super nice slick set up I love it!Let me know what ya think and we can get rolling on this for ya!

Thanks so much for your support!
Josh Helke
Organic Climbing LLC
Cell 651.245.xxxx
Hey, thanks for the fast reply! the price sounds great! how do i pay and get the stitches goin.
Awesome! I will email over a secure paypal invoice right away for ya, once the payment comes through I will get cutting and sewing this right away for you!
Thanks so much for your support!Have an awesome day!
Hey josh,
i just sent you some money via paypal. sorry i didnt get to it sooner i work graveyard shift. um, so how long should i expect?
thanks so much
Awesome thanks so much : ) I will get this sewing in the next couple of days for you and have it shipping out for ya on monday. Thanks soooo much for your support hope you have a great rest of your week!

and yesterday here is what i got!!! the emails show how easy going friendly and personal dealing with this company is. the pads are awesome. its like "doctor evil and mini-me"! one funny thing is... im not sure if it was intentional but i got a slight upgrade, josh made my small pad a briefcase instead of the straight half pad i had asked for! either way im okay with it. josh also sent me a bunch of stickers which isnt a big deal.... but cool! i am completely satisfied with my dealings!
Josh thanks man i plan to enjoy your hard work!

sorry old school CORDLESS pad, i love you, you were awesome and ahead of your time, but.... theres a reason why we now call ya "tha three inch pad of death"

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  1. its funny that i am commenting on my own post but i thought it might be fun to thank josh for a bunch of traffic! after i wrote this post, i let josh know.... on his own he chose to post a link on the Organic facebook page.... following that over the next two days i nearly doubled my previous hits. i got 228 new vistis as oppossed to only 257 over the previous two months! thanks josh for the advertising.