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Saturday, June 19, 2010

the Treadwall House (part 2)

The construction.....

....first and foremost i would like to thank "Strong" (aka Tyler) for showing up and helping. there is no way i would have gotten as much done as i have had he not spent the last three days coming over and busting ass with me!

Day 1: the first things first that need to be done was sink in three pier blocks. we then mounted three 4x4's to and built the floor joists up. the back yard wasnt exactly level so we spent a good four hours just trying to make sure everything was square and level. when your making a building that has twelve foot walls starting out square seemed like an important thing to do.

Day 2: Strong had to work today as he did the day before so i spent the first half of the day just cutting wood and prepping everything i could think of. i tried to make all the walls into little kits that just had to be assembled. when Tyler finally got there sometime after 4pm he had a little surprise. the boss had given him use of the company nail gun. after proving how not awesome i am at nailing the day before on the joists i was pleased to say the least. the gun made everything go quick. you can see how far we got in the next couple of shots.

Day 3: it went well today. we finished up the last of the framing, and the walls reached theyre due full height. the back westerly wall as planned is slightly over 12ft tall and the forward east wall is 10ft. the height of the ceiling will allow me to have full adjustment of the treadwalls height.

the only thing... like its a small chore, but the things i have left is to panel the sides, hang the rafter, sheet the roof, and put in the window ....but it is coming along and i should have it done in time.

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