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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calm Down Bleeding Hearts!

okay i know some of you out there read my little posts and i hurt your feelings. just so you know we all have things we can be made fun of for. ....example: im fat! so have a good laugh at that. maybe if you all get together and shame me about it i would work out .... do some cardio.... push away from seconds at the table. given that i really dont feel bad about my "mean" posts. it's meant for comic relief. if you feel personally attacked, keep in mind i didnt use your photo in my blog. unless i did, in which case ....come on! why would you post that on the internet. do you know what kinda assholes are out there, spending long lonely nights scouring the internet for folly pictures just to fuel their sad hate-mongering ....which in truth, we all know is just a desperate cry for attention! so.... you can be mad at me for a joke ...or i can make you pancakes!

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