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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where you can stick it?!

so before i said the M6 was huge! but now we are focused on the KORE and it should be noted when compared to other home exercise equipment, the KORE is... well huge. sorry.

for those of you that cant see from the diagram to the right (provided by brewer's ledge, thanks) the KORE is approximately 7ft wide by 9ft deep by 12ft tall when elevated or 9ft tall when lowered.

so the hard part for me, and most people i image, is the lack of a 12ft ceiling. if you can, cut the ceiling out of your garage or other room. unfortunately for me i cant do massive construction on my home to accommodate the coolest thing ever!

Brewer's ledge does offer a weather resistant finish for the treadwall. on the other hand i live in washington (state, not d-ceezy), and our weather has a reputation to uphold. plus i want to climb in all seasons rain or shine, especially in the winter when it's the hardest to find dry rock. again, my plans are in jeopardy!!!! stop this!!

oh wait, i forgot im obsessive and love problem solving...... flash forward a few days and i started designing plans to build a "shed" for my new toy. but why stop there? i think this thing will need some bouldering too!! now this is when one of my friends stopped me and said "dude!?, why do you need a boulder wall too?" oh silly friend i just made up for this narration! i need a boulder wall so i have variation in my climbing training, so i can set projects, and who doesnt love climbing on big ass volume holds!!! (p.s. the treadwall wont take a hold bigger than 6x6x2.5 inches)

(next up: design the building, find a place in the yard for it, i need holds, & big ass volumes! that's where im going)

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