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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boards & Holds

years ago i bought one of those metolius hangboards which i then hung in entry way to my bedroom. also, a while back i began experimenting with making my own holds for use in the climbing gym i used to work for. (don't worry i'll feed you baby birds, that will be another post ...or three!) so, point being, i decide that i would remount my hangboard and make a place for testing my new holds at the same time!
**Note: the piton on which i have hung my chalk back!
I dont have too much to say about this topic other than... do not go to the hardware store or climbing vendors to buy you t-nuts! you will pay out of the ass. Fastenal seems to work for me as a supplier (there is a set of links on one of these pages for all your hardware needs). also, you want 3/8in diameter, buy the screw in one if you want to spend a lot or the 4 or 6 prong nuts. avoid the three prong ones, as i have found from working at the gym that they arent as stable and you will replace them far too often! Really this only counts as a set up to building the bouldering wall, volumes, and making holds! oh and it shows the point to keep training while this is going on!
(future topics: Battle for the Yard!, hold making, Volumes, The Shed, The bouldering Wall....man i have a lot left to do!)

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