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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hold Bank

so here is a current collective picture of all my design masters (archives) and the molds. these are designs anyway, i have made several hundreds from these molds at this point. its pretty fun work!

here is what i have in my personal climbing set. unfortunately, i dont have a picture of all the holds ive ever made. some of my favorites are now the property of others. so obviously the shapes dont change.... but the color does! so lets look at the few examples of color creativity i do have.

so theses are basic coloring options. dyes are easy to add i showed you that when i talked about making holds. but the bi-color holds, those are a little different. you can do as many pours as you want. creating a multitude of pancaked layers of different colors. but one thing i suggest you keep in mind is that i have had two holds (out of hundreds) spilt along the color seam. i think this happened because i waited too long between pouring the different colors. so now i have two rules for pouring multi-color holds. first, i always pour the first color to the level were the bolt touches. this seems like a good idea, because in my mind i think the hold wont be as likely to spilt if the bolt is help to keep the seams together. second rule is, i always pour the different colors as quickly as possible. my thoughts being that if you wait around and let one color fully cure it wont bond as well to the next layer. since i have started these practices i havent had any holds break at the color seam.

**side note: i have yet to have any holds break because of the resin failing. other than the reasons stated above the only other failures i have had were due to making the hold too thin. honestly, i guess 1/8"inch just isnt strong enough for my fat ass?!

uh... moving on... here i want you to focus on the red holds mostly. this was done by selectively pouring into different areas of the mold. also, i changed the angle/level of the mold. rather than setting your mold on a flat level table you can tilt the mold and get some funky color patterns!

lastly, if you look at these three blue rails. each one i attempted something a little different. the middle hold i wasted some black from a different pour the poured blue on top.... kinda cool, better than straight blue. the right rail i made after the middle one and experimentd by putting drips into the mold first making a leopard print... sorta. then it has a third light blue base layer. last lets look at the left rail. in actuality this hold is considered to be a failure. i was trying to recreate how some of the bigger companies swirl colors. well, the blue has some swirling but right now i havent figured out how to fully mix the resin but not mix the different color. if you have any ideas im all ears?! come on, time for you guys to give back a little!

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