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Sunday, May 23, 2010


i havent post in a couple days.... which means i must have actually got something done. that being said your probably not too interested in this if your the average person.... but if your friend or family and know the state of my yard its kinda interesting just to see all the work ive been doing.

so the set up is... my back yard had been plagued with weeds and disarray. the yards landscaping is also multi tiered to the point of ridiculousness. also i used to have a concrete and fill dirt front porch, which then was smashed by my family and made into to piles in my back yard... rubble and dirt. so in trying to create more space in the yard for my treadwall, shed and bouldering wall ive have decided to make a little landfill. first i built a retaining wall out of all the biggest chunks of rubble, and then filled the hole with remaining smaller pieces of concrete.

this is the huge pile of dirt i have to move... unfortunately my wheel barrow is shot. cause i could have use a better one. i think ill hold off though and buy one after this guy fully dies. i just have a hard time wasting anything, why shoot the horse too soon?

well here it is mostly done. ultimately i have raised the ground level about 2ft to 3ft in an are roughly 8ft by 8ft. so what is that about 120 to 190 square feet of busting my ass? Look brewer's ledge!, this treadwall better be bad ass... or im gonna be pissed! ...just kiddin. check out the nearly done pics.... i still have another foot of earth to move .... yay!
oh, i watered it down pretty heavily to kinda help it settle and pack... how was i supposed to know it was gonna rain for the next two days. my B...

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