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Monday, May 3, 2010

Brewer's Ledge, shipping & receiving, and a little route setting

so Brewer's Ledge is the company responsible for the manufacturing of the treadwall. but i have to warn you there are certain members of their organization that go far beyond providing a product to the public.... some of their employ stalk the internet message boards and leave haunting messages encouraging people to contact the company directly!!! ....i give you GARNET! or "gnngggngg mgm" or other such nonsense that he uses as a web ID.

actually garnet is very nice and helpful. he responded quickly to my emails and even put someone else to work for me when he went on his recent honeymoon! good job buddy. (side note to garnet, if you want to know how i got your pic.... well a woman never tells, and a gentleman wouldnt ask!)

so please if you get into the idea of getting a wall, shoot this guy an email. and ask away, hes a giver!


things: they do for free:

~give you an estimate...appreciated

~research shipping options and costs... better

~track down a treadwall nearest to you so you can take it for a test drive... there you go extra miler!


so i guess been a little while since i actually posted any treadwall kore pictures. so... here you go.

both pictures show the wall with the angle changing frame upgrade. the first of which in in the lowest 35 degrees overhanging position. im just gonna take a wild stab in the dark... garnet? is that you working on your power endurance? now i would like to point out that this model of the KORE also has the distance counter/lap counter/timer! LOOK! right there above our climbing models left shoulder. again, this feature doesnt come standard and i am a little sad that it will cost me an extra $390. on the other hand suck it up you know you would rather have the numbers next time you want to spray about how hard you trained for the sick send you made last week thanks to the ultimate home climbing machine! (i go on sometimes)

moving on we see the treadwall core in the highest 5 degrees overhanging position. you can also clearly see the hand cranks on the a-frame legs which reposition the walls angle.

it occurs to me looking at this nicely framed photo op. that the wall....the 6ft wide model, has 280 t-nut positions. why is this important.. well it involves math but eventually ill get around to a rap-up so if you want to skip ahead my feelings wont be hurt.

so i worked as a route setter for 5 years and was the head setter for the last 2 years. given that i have set an absurd amount of routes and boulder problems, both for training purposes and competitions. in that time i found that the average route will have approximately 3 holds per 4ft by 4ft section of wall. so the treadwall has 20ft of climbing before it recycles the panels... but how feet can we go vertically before we have to climb new holds? ie how long of a route can we actually set?

well if you want to set one super long continuous route your route would be 360ft long. hmm, kinda defeats that repetitive argument doesnt it! so if you were climbing in a gym with an average wall height of 40ft... which seems to be the best the "normal joe" gym has. well at 40ft you get 9 routes. frankly i would rather plan for the average trad pitch, in that case you get about 3 120ft routes.

oh and for the bouldering i hate endurance kids out there.... yes im talking to you urban climber! you get 18 20ft boulder problems.... that's easily a set of 4x4's, warm-ups, and your sick ass PROG!

so, yes climbing on a tread wall will be repetitive, but not as bad as people seems to bitch about on the internet treads. it's similar to the old saying "if money doesnt make you happy, youre not spending it right!" (i would like to thank my impoverished up-bringing for this mindset!)

so the recap: 1 mega long 360ft route, or 3 standard pitch trad routes, or 9 gym rat sport climbs or, 18 urban climber bouldering-"get psyched"-ness (yes i hate the new neon sign city climber trend, dont judge me for judging you!) final thought though... do a combination to keep it interesting!

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