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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unanswerable questions of the Treadwall

okay before i get started on this on i want you to take a good look at this next picture. go ahead and click on it, focus on the details... try to predict where i'm going with this. bet ya cant!

Alright, one more shot. Focus on the bolts that attach the panels to the wall, chains, or what ever is behind them. (okay it has come to my attention that you cant click on this picture and zoom in... i dont know why some of my pics you can and others you cant. any ideas?)

okay heres my question, the one that i will either not revisit until the wall is here or someone from brewer's ledge happens to find my blog and comments on it.

**side bar** this brings up a point i havent touched on yet, to my knowledge the brewer's ledge folk dont know about my blog. i will likely email them about it after i have my wall set up and working, but not until then. why you ask? because i am hoping that they wont find out and that way i get their normal level of customer service as opposed to how they might act if they knew i was constantly running off at the mouth. so be a good sport and dont tip them off. or if this is this someone from B. ledge, pretend like this has nothing to do with you and do business as usual. ....yeah that probably wont work.

okay back to the point about the walls. so, there are 280 bolt holes. i count from other pictures, did the math. i believe it. oh and yes i know the picture above isnt a treadwall KORE, but for the purpose of this argument it was the only close-up shot i could find to illustrate my point. so on either side there are two bolts and in the middle is one bolt that alternates its position every other panel. go back and look ill wait, it's no lie.

alright you caught me... sometimes it doesnt alternate it's position! sometimes there are three bolts in a row. so this got me thinking. first those bolts look very much like the cap head allen bolts i have used a hundred time for foot holds in the gym. next, does this mean that the center bolt isnt required to be in one position or the other as long as its in one of them. and if thats true can a hold be bolted in with that position? if so ... i think that would be the perfect spot to make your footholds. now lets go back and consider the holds on the edges of the panels. can one of these... preferable the inner one be made to hold a ...hold?

that's my theory, ive been working on it for a little while! well see what happens when i finally get the thing. how ridiculous is it that im already looking to improve on the patent.

(UPDATE: so when i got my wall the directions clearly point out that these bolt positions are intended to be used for hold positions. but when there are too few holds on a panel the extra bolts are added to prevent "orphan holds", as they call it, and thereby add stability to the panel.)

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