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Sunday, July 18, 2010


i wonder which part of the treadwall this is.... for three billion dollars anyone want to take a guess? ...no i dont have that kind of money, but maybe it will magically appear if you guess right.

i cant wait for my treadwall to get hear so i can find out myself. tomorrow ill give Brewers Ledge the rest of the money and it should be shipped out soon after. which should give me just enough time to do the finish work on the inside of the shed.

btw... i am SICK of working on the shed. it started out really fun. i was learning how to frame a building and do all this fun stuff but now.... its just all boring stuff....like painting. boo.

well, hopefully i will have an ETA for the wall tomorrow. take care loyal readers. oh, feel free to chime in anytime you want. what did you like? any questions? .... im just gonna keep asking until you guys start chiming in.

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