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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Need a Closer Look?

"where is this going?" ...how about a preview of future topics of the treadwall project.

~finally.... payment, shipment and arrival of the treadwall Kore

~completion of the shed with a video TOUR ...oohh!

~Kore assembly experience & discussion

~Organic crash pad review

~setting the first route on the Kore

~climbing, functions & features

~customer satisfaction or buyers remorse!

~solo training programs & team training

~more on building a volume, start to finish!

~more on hold making!

~building my bouldering wall

does that keep you guys interested to come back for more? well, im sure i will also post a trifle amount of boorish jocks as per usual... for those who are only now joining us i am only trying to help other make the decision on whether or not the treadwall is right for you. plus already along this path i have made mistakes and thing i would do different, could i. so i can help pass on that gobble-d-gook.

last but not least i look forward to answering questions and talking to you readers.....

SO $*%@(-ing COMMENT SOMETIME!!! ...just kidding... i love you... where you going.. come back....?

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