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Friday, July 9, 2010

cover your back, shirt review

i do kinda a have a thing for pimping things i like. and generally when i get into something i jump in with both feet and a snorkel. so when i noticed the clothing link on the brewer's ledge website i had to take a look.

the next on is specifically for the treadwall kore. i thought this one was better but, still not quite there.

not that i have an innate desire to outdo others.... but i did make my own design for a shirt, too bad it would be a little expensive to show off my fashion sense. ie, if brewers ledge wants to print them id get one. check it out:

View my custom t-shirt design

View my custom t-shirt design

i hope you noticed that the dominant design was on the back. there is a button on the top right corner of the page to look at the back, and i had a little fun with a treadwall Kore logo. drop a comment let me know if you like the shirt. or any other Kore owners wanna split cost id get one! no? ...um kay

so, im not sure i would get any of the shirts. the first one is a little basic and old school in not a good way. plus the front says "climb forever" in a terrible font. the second one is better but i guess all the zoo animals is lost on me. if anyone gets the joke go ahead and spell it out for the slow kid in the helmet. oh, and it also has an M4 in the picture...boo! just boo! the third on is kinda cool, but i dont have love for the colors. ...oh and i would do the whole everest club thing ...but that shirt is god awful.

sorry for the bad review guys, but keep in mind your not in the clothing business. ...and my final thought, when you have a business and want to advertise always stick with one logo and carry that through. it's why every one knows pepsi and coke!

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