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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

good versus bad

soo... seriously folks, i know your there i watch the stat counter going up. and according to the webby thingy it says it's new and old folks. so some of you are coming back! how about a little feedback? anybody like/dislike what theyre reading? do you hate the fact that i rarely use upper case letters or that i never use an apostrophe?

just lookin for a little love.... no big deal.
maybe, be the first to sign up and "follow" my blog. i never would... but you might?

I KNOW YOUR THERE!.... stop hiding sissy....


  1. Cool site, nice call-outs. Wish I would have found it when I knew less, but still helpful and interesting.

  2. OK I'll comment. Cool site. First who I am. I'm almost 50 and on a quest to drop a few pounds I have been lifting for years but it's time to go a diffrent direction. My gym has a tread wall and I tried it at the urging of one of my childrens friends who is an avid climber (And will be apearing in American Ninja Warrior). Turns out I love this thing but oh does it wear me out I am seeing vains on my forearms I didn't know existed. Anyways I read you article on Dirt Bags and I am guesing this is a terminology to the sport? Anyways I have located some climbing gyms in my area and will be taking a belaying class with my son to utilize them. One more question.What is the increase in calories from 0 to 3 degrees negative incline it seems exponentialy harder to climb and what is an average feet per minute for max benifit. Thanks