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Sunday, July 25, 2010

indoor living

here is a video of the inside of my completed shed... i guess ill tell you a little about how it went. i wasnt originally gone do much on the inside. but, then i quickly realized that a couple of spiders had moved in and i really want to be able to use the treadwall in the winter so it became reasonable to insulate the shed. with that decision made then i knew i would need to panel the inside as well. i have done sheet rocking in the past and hated it..... soo, i decide to put up some masonite panel board.... whoops!! yeah apparently the stuff loves to lay any way but flat, and even with a thousand nails in them i still had bowing at the seems and it looked kinda terrible.

well i figured i have gone that far so i might as well try to make the place look decent. which led me to put up a bunch of trim to hide the unsightly seems. it worked out for the most part. if you look close at the film there are a couple spots that still look a little lame.... but as my pop said when he saw it...."it's just a shed!" ....and i think i have taken it far enough already. well, there you have it i have a little more to go on the inside to finish but overall im ready for the arrival of my new treadwall, which will get here in a couple days! look forward to my assembly posts!

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