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Monday, July 12, 2010

how the other side lives!

so i am look around, not as much lately, on the net i scope out different treads regarding the tread wall. and i see a lot of badmouthing out there. usually its someone sounding off who has never used a treadwall. ...or if they have and it was for thirty seconds. i kinda bummed me out when i was trying to make my decision because facts are what make a good argument not conjecture. but the other day i came across this thread and decided to share it ....with my own color commentary of course.

So the set up is; i found the tread and on guy like the idea and another said boo! here is a link to the actual thread : http://www.climbeasterncanada.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=502

i have made a little bit of changes to the responders text, i put in "point references" for where i plan to make retorts.... enjoy?

excited newbie wrote:
Ill take your word for it mitch, but why is it bad for training? It seems to force you to use fluid motions instead of being a choppy climber. I dont know a thing about them but they seem ok.

mitchleblanc wrote:
Thanks for trusting me Now let me try to convince you! First of all, what "dcentral" meant by "there's no angle change" is that once you hop on the wall, it's a constant angle, until you hop off. The reason he says this as a negative is because when you build a bouldering wall, you want variety! (POINT 1) He also noted that you can't traverse, down climb, etc.. (POINT 2) A treadmill (as for running) is *insanely* repetitive. And that, frankly, is all the downside you need! The main obstacle to working out (as anyone who trains will attest to) is boredom, and motivation. (POINT 3) I had a gym at my house that was pretty sizable, and even that got insanely boring. You just lose motivation, and stop doing it. (POINT 4) Plus, $2000 is a load of money. You could build an awesome home gym (where you could set proper routes, and actually have fun climbing) for that much, including holds, chin up bar, etc. Man, pay me to build you a gym! (POINT 5) Plus, if you are learning "fluid" climbing on a treadmill.. What good does it do you? Real rock doesn't move any more than a wall. You will learn to boulder smoothly on your own, as you improve. If the treadmill isn't moving continuously (which would be ridiculous) than how is it actually any different? Can't you still stop and be choppy? (POINT 6) Lastly: They had one at the Pepsi Max booth in Hyde Park the other day.. and it was called The Wall of Non-Terror, I kid you not. If that's not reason enough to convince you not to buy one, I don't know what is! (POINT 7)

Alejandro's retort:
so i realize that my blog is very one sided so i want to put up another view ....fairs fair. although i disagree with this guy (mitchleblanc) i want to say that he makes the strongest most well thought out negative review of the treadwall i have yet to see. but still he admits earlier in the tread that he has seen one but not climbed on it. although he agrees they have an obvious draw and appeal. he seems to be only against getting one at home for training. soooo.....

Point 1: umm, variety? when you build a bouldering wall.... ITS NEVER CHANGES ANGLE! unless you design it to "tilt". this point was definitely arguable... especially with the angle changing of the kore. the kore you can set a boulder problem... and after you send you can make it hard be increasing the angle. now i think he (mitchleblanc) is also pointing out that the kore doesnt change angle during you climb like the "climb station" machine. personally, i like that! the motorized thing just seems like more to go wrong, and... it seems to remove the climbing even more from actual reality. but that personal taste i guess.

Point 2: F&*$ traversing and down climbing, the only reason people do that is because its easier to keep climbing in a gym with these methods. its a training exercise for building power endurance. if you could keep climbing vertically would you really ever "train" to traverse.

Point 3: Yeah i agree with your point that treadmills are boring.... but how many treadmills are there in america? do you see a bunch of gyms phasing them out?

Point 4: of course repetition is boring. thats why we set training goals for accomplishing our outdoor goals! hes just stating the obvious...

Point 5: CORRECT SIR! well played. they are expensive... and that one was only $2,grand used. buy it fool! youll never find it that cheap again! but honestly if i wasnt single with barely any bills i wouldnt be buying one either. so this points to you.

Point 6: im not sure what is really being argued here. is the machine causing you to be fluid? ...no. is the machine causing you to be choppy? ...honestly im not sure havent climbed one yet. but in videos i have seen i havent seen any issue. check out youtube or brewerslegde.com to seem some for yourself. but i think the author is agreeing with me so...non-issue?

Point 7: oh...sir! go out strong! make your last point echo with truth... dont sneak in a jab that really doesnt count for anything. you were at PEPSI MAX.... and something had a cheesy name? really? of course they yucked it up for the drooling masses. but treadwall didnt name it that. the vendor did. so it says nothing about the product. more importantly though if they renamed it the "flying shit factory of doom" and it was still an awesome product that improved my climbing and was fun....sorry guy id still use it. but if you wanna choose your friends based on they're name go ahead.

later mitchleblanc boasted in the same thread about another climbing machine i had never heard of (how can this be?!!)... the BOULDERTRON? made by cragmaker. but when i tried to track this thing down i found only deleted weblinks. hmm? back the wrong horse?

in the end i think mitchleblanc has a right to his opinion and he did a better job than most other treadwall critics.

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