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Monday, January 24, 2011


"...what the hell is this?" you might be thinking that right now. others of you might be way ahead of the game. but heres the deal. have you ever wanted to completely reset your wall but dread the thought of taking down a couple hundred holds first. i was a head routesetter once of a no-nothing gym and i know what a BI-OTCH! that can be. but i know how great it is to set on a white canvass too!

in the past i have seen other solutions to the problem. the main one is getting and appropriate size allen bit and putting it into the drill. but 99% of drills cant overcome the torque needed to remove a set holds. the next option i have seen is using a hammer/impact drill. this option sucks because the damn thing is loud and annoying! ever gone into a gym and seen multiple route setters up on the wall with hammer drills. sure they wear their ipods so they can stomach it. but what about me! well this option works great, both fast and relatively quiet! watch my demo videos if you need more convincing! try it out for yourself... post a comment and let the world know i may be crazy, but this one idea is genius!

this last video shows me setting a hold with the Ryobi-titan setup. i dont really recommend it as it is easy to cross thread a bolt that way, but it can be done. i still think a t-handle wrench is smarter. some "professional", "tradesman" (ha ha aha ha ha!) routesetters think that setting with a drill is faster and makes a better product. frankly i use the ten seconds turning a hold by hand to think about the route and looking around for options on where else the route might go. that thinking time helps me make a quality route. face it kids faster doesnt mean better, every climber has moved to quickly up a route only to find themselves off route... for some reason setters dont realize they can get off route too. Mkay, im done picking on others... sorry. hope this thing works for you though!


  1. Can you explain exactly how that is set up? Which Titan wrench are you using and how does it attach to the drill?

  2. Can you explain exactly how that is set up? Which Titan wrench are you using and how does it attach to the drill?