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Friday, January 28, 2011

hold address...

another issue i was continually struggling with when setting routes/problems on the treadwall was ...."where the hell am i on this wall?" i would be working through setting up a sequence, but had no idea how much actual space i had left to work with. sometimes, it would completely hose me because the wall would recycle and i could set myself up to continue on another way.

so i toyed with different ideas on how to fix my problem. obviously the easiest answer was to put origin markers on the wall in some way... so then i debated was it the feet of climbing i was concerned with or the individual panels.

i threw out the numbering the wall for climbing height for two reasons. first... as you see in the next picture i opted to get one of those distance counters, so i had no issue with needing to know how high ive gone. The second reason i ditched numbering for height was i wanted be able to plot holds on a map... and because the panels are six inches wide, who wants to have panel 20 & 20 1/2 .... and so on...

So then i was decided that i would number all the panels... i started
thinking of what would look best. (because im a little girl sometimes
about picking out the drapes.) but in the end it was too expensive for me to get a nice branding set, or have fancy number plaques made...

so i got those little mail box number stickers you see. each number cost 58 cents... boo. thus, it was gonna be far more expensive to invest in ugliness than i want to do, so rather than buying numbers for, every.. single.. panel. i decided to only number the first board and then count the rest out by fives.

i got a little paranoid that i was gonna mess this up so i stripped the wall (that was pre planned anyway) and put footholds on each panel i wanted to number. then in my obsessive nature i spun the wall around five or sixteen times to be sure i hadnt screwed it up.

.. then i threw on the stickers. the blue line obviously shows where the wall recycles and that came off ten seconds after i took the picture.

so, this now coupled with the setting map i made allows me to plan a general sequence then set with a matter of confidence. also, i can start setting a new route by first plotting what is currently set on the wall and then work out a sequence for a new route with out setting myself into a corner.

i guess many of you would never have this issue. but with setting, in general, every setter has painted themselves into a corner. and then you have to bight the bullet and realise the route just doesnt work and you cant force. as you get to be a better setter you come up with more tricks to avoid that. this is just a solution i have come up with.... hope it helps.

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