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Monday, January 24, 2011

the perfect jug

F! i swear! this is my last post for the day... look kids i do the prep work and then put things together on my days off, so they come out like this. anyway, GARNET (BW insider), mentioned to me in an email (along with photos i cant blog about **jerk..cough**) that he likes my posts about holds.

so... i thought i would show off these little kids:

Some of you know i got into making holds because i didnt love all the new fads with hold design. too many shapers are making crap that either hurts, tweaks tendons, spins no matter how tight it is, would be awesome if it was left/right, would be awesome if the other side wasnt a jug, come in a set with #X of other useless holds, feels like poop, looks like poop, or oh hey ...yup that is poop! so i make my own... along with supporting the good shapers by still buying some. this shape was inspired by my perfect route idea.

this is a set of two holds. as mirror perfect as i could make them with my skills. you be the judge, i think if you look close you can find subtle differences but id wager your hands couldnt with your eyes closed. so... left and right specific, perfect jugging holds for endless mileage or just rockin you warm up and cool down. i even like them in the cave! not to bulky either! want a set? what color? make me an offer?

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