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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

real men dont need maps

...sorry for taking so long to write these. things were just against me getting to this sooner. but then again, i dont really owe you anything anyway.... so tough?

alright here we go.. recap: i research the wall. i looked online at the brewers ledge site and it told me the treadwall "lives" in a box 7x9x12ft. well, sorta... in fact the treadwall with the hand cranks is actually more like 8ft wide. 12ft tall works but if you want the full height range i would go for 13ft-ish. so while they are correct 9ft is deep enough for the wall i would suggest you go for 12ft deep so you have room to assemble your wall per instructions. my shed i built has outer dimensions of 8x10x14ft. so the indoor height works great. the width came up about 3inches too short... crap! and the depth was such that i could in no way assemble as brewer's ledge intended.

well, gotta make lemonade. i really didnt want to tear down the shed and start over. so, after hatch several plans i start to build it in standing up. i already gave some info on that so go check out that past post. needless to say it went well, heres a couple pictures.

the significant thing i found is that one guy can do this alone. where as the other way you cant...or so i have been told. the hardest parts are putting on the right channel (it's the heaviest piece). so if you have a second guy great. if not put a bolt in the upper frame where it bolts to the spine and duct tape it to keep it from moving. next lift the right channel into position and and hang it on that bolt. get the left channel on the same way. then add the center spacer bar and the lower shaft. the lower shaft takes some fiddling to get thing done. there is nothing in the directions from BL about moving the collars on the shaft to install it but i found no other way in the upright assembly.

next put up the upper shaft, and the shroud. this pretty much goes the same as in the BL instructions. it will be a little heavy and awkward but doable for one person. all the same, Blair was there to help me out. thanks big guy!

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