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Thursday, September 9, 2010

fully retractable

yeah i just like to have ideas...then try them out... then ramble online about them weather is all crappy. enjoy it, now that my wall is set up and i get back into rock climbing... as opposed to blogging about it, youre probably not gonna get thirty post a month. (blogging is kinda of a sad made up word that i am unfortunate to have in my vocabulary... just to be honest with myself)

getting to the point. so you all know im a fan of the adjustable leg stands for the treadwall KORE. but i found i need a little something more. the legs dont have graduation marks on them. so... what to do?... what to do?... i know... engrave it! crap i dont have an engraver, in fact i dont know how to engrave something... no experience with even watch a youtube video of engraving. but if you can ...by all means, go for it. instead you can use my sharpie method!

all you need is a sharpie, preferably one with the wide tip end and a T-square.

extend the leg to their tallest setting, then place the square as shown in the picture. from here make some marks as you see fit. i went with one inch spaces...seemed like a good idea at the time.

next take the wide tip and make a thick line using the larger jacket (dark gray) to trace your line. you can slowly drop the crank to make each lower line.

it will look something like this when your done. oh... and when you done you can also mark it with some refrence numbers. might help a bit. in the end, you are all set to advance your angle of difficulty as you get stronger, all the while being relatively certain that youve kept the wall level.

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