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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back on track.

so once i had all the frame, channels, covers and shafts on, it was time for the chains. they were officially the messiest part of the job. they come WELL greased from the factory... i suggest some rubber gloves be on hand. they go on easy and adjusting them so theyre in sink with each other is easier than i would have thought. i had a little hiccup that ill talk about in a different post, but that shouldnt be a problem with anyone else.

my panels came unfinished like i wanted... i did them up with a "royal mahogany" stain. the panels need to be pre-assembled with some additional components prior to mounting on the treadwall. then there is this whole left/right orientation thing... none of it is that big of a deal. a little time consuming, but they make it easy not to mess it up. below you see blair checking the orientation of the next panel. later i started assembling the panels in bulk. note: the white and black taps do help keep them straight.

so each panel gets two screws and two lock nuts per side... 4 per panel x 20 panels = 80 bolts. given that, i really suggest you get a drill gun and a socket wrench! otherwise your gonna be there a little while... i know because i did the first twelve with blair, each of us using a screw driver and a wrench. boy that was dumb!

needless to say, we spent a lot of time putting on panels....

and then, put on more panels....

eventually i got to a place where there were so many panels on the treadwall that it makes it hard to work, so then you use a stick to lock the wall and keeping it from rotating. see, the panels want to rotated so theyre at an even level... but this isnt help to put on the next board.

the last panel was kinda fun...you have to insert it at the bottom of the wall and reach through this access hole. not bad, but a little blind.... i guess that isnt super important info.

now thats it for the basic assembly. i have a couple of add-ons that ill put in my next post but in general between myself and the others who have been posting you get the picture.

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