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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pro·pri·e·tar·y ed·u·ca·tion

so i have gotten several request for information about the treadwalls.... thats awesome, its what the blog is all about. but some come in asking not for information to help them make a purchasing decision but to help them build their own. hence....

pro·pri·e·tar·y ed·u·ca·tion ...sorry guys, i wont be supplying anyone for any reason with schematics, blue prints, diagrams, drafts, jpegs, mpeg, bitmaps, or photos for the purpose of building a treadwall. all that belongs to Brewers Ledge and frankly im just not into the pirate business. in general i wag my finger at all of you if your looking to start your own little climbing wall business. if its for your own private use...well i appluad you, i really do (im a do it yourself kinda guy as well), but... keep reading!

i hear your sob story... i know the treadwall is expensive. i know it costs a lot to ship it. i know the world economy in general is in the toilet. i also had similar ambitions before i started to really research this fine machine. i would like to point out that there are very few home built rotary climbing machine in existence (in my search i have found two...how many do you really think im missing). thats because they are almost as expensive to build yourself as it is to get from the company. you see odds are you dont have access to the tools to build such a complex machine.... you dont have the mind to design it (or you wouldnt be sniffing at my door) ...and you dont have the initiative that you think you do.

first initiative, if you had it... you wouldnt be contacting me or youll blow me off right now and go make it happen...but im betting you keep reading (im going for the rule here not the exception). plus let me point out i have plenty of initiative. i fabricate things all the time, but after very little research on my part, i realized how silly and cost prohibitive it would be to reinvent this wheel. in my opinion brewers ledge has boiled this machine down to the simpleist design with best level of function. there's a japanese rip-off model that is essentially a copywright infringment but i dont think they care. ...sorry tangent,

next issue... i have access to tools, a machinist, welding equipment, and the funds to fill in the blanks. given that i could make or have made all the parts.... but because in the end there is no way im gonna make a one off part perfect, im bound to have plenty of mistakes because i/you never built a treadwall before...all those little errors and experiences in the learning curve translate into worthless expense and waste. also tools are worth buying, but not if i will only use them three more times in my entire life.

last of all... im a smart guy... well im at least marginally intelligent. i have reverse engineered my way through building plenty of things for myself. im a big fan of it! but, this is a different story. your talking abouy a large machine with custom parts or something rigged that is either painstakeningly tuned or will be a clunky POS that you will hate training with. (keep in mind if its not fun you will quit using it!) i have friends with plenty of knowledge in the building a designing of things... structural engineers, industrial engineers, in the end i realize two things... i could do it with our combined efforts. but it would take far long to design it and get it right, plus.... i/you dont actually have access to all the little lessons that the brewer's ledge have accumulated while perfecting their design!

in summation, its HIGHLY UNLIKELY that in trying to do this yourself you will be successful and be happy in the long term with your finished product. but maybe not.... who am i to judge. regardless, i will not make myself judiciously actionable by providing anyone with proprietary documentation of Brewer's Ledge. i know... im a big dick!

rainbow? i will suggest that you check out Moon Boards to supplement your home gym setup! a moon board is a set up were you can get specific holds and thereby do specific training problems. eventually i hope to get a similar thing going for the treadwall.... **hint hint** Brewers Ledge if you guys want to send me the holds you sell and i will make route maps for you to provide to your customers.... no? really? its a good idea! okay.. worth a try.

anyway check out moon boards! the site has free info for building it and training!


  1. That is probably one of the most pathetic things i have ever read, people like you are the reason that people give up on projects, Yeah its unfeasible but not impossible, i recon (and by the way i am 15) i could build one for under £100 in my shed (yes i own a shed) out of Scrap and a cheep welder with a wheelchair motor, so if i can do it i am sure you with your 'industry contacts' can do it to.

    1. I kinda agree with Joe here, you come across like a huge douche bag. You do admit even being friends with the company that builds this equipment in the response to his comment in your blog. You don't need to share blue prints to be constructive in many ways, supporting projects even when they fail is what people of quality do, just for the sake of art and sciences; since for each fail there is a lot to learn. You are redundant and you even have orthographic mistakes, which makes it so much worse. I am sure this is not an impossible project at all, there are always infinite discrete directions to a project and it does not need to copy the previous one but certainly helps to visualize and share ideas; also having support of those who actually know what they are talking about, i would risk to think that's not you. Even if so, there will always be people with or without school, but pure raw genius and ingenuity to build something unique and challenge the standard your super friends all mighty builders of the tread-wall have setup. The way you impregnate your ideas with hate and haste is just too unbearable to read, like through a mud pit of negativity and single mindedness. The world is little by little developing an open source concept in many fields, you should know about it if you have an android phone you nutcase! You don't have one valid scientific or technical reason why some one should not start a project (since there is never one in any project valid enough to stop for starting even the very wrong ones like national socialism for example), which mean your technical knowledge and your faith (if you know what that means) is put to credit. Also you make a lot of assumptions with not a single remark of sense. I read it through just to see how you'd finally would end just blowing up like the Debbie downer egomaniac buffoon that you are. Enjoy climbing (inside your ass.)

  2. Alejandro,

    You are spot on. As a fellow Treadwall owner and a mechanical engineer, I am really impressed with the refined design efficiency of the Treadwall. The more time I've spent looking at the product the more impressed I've become. The Treadwall is so functional and while adjustable requires little to no maintenance. It is is definitely possible to "make" one in a shed, but you'd invest an awful lot of time and learn a lot of lessons about build tolerance, planar squareness, flatness and synconicity. The Brewer's Ledge product is well worth the money. And, while the finished product appears relatively simple, I don't think you one can appreciate the elegance of the design until you've assembled one.


    PS Good luck on your $100 version Mr. Poxom. Post a video when your done building.