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Friday, August 6, 2010

one big ass truck later

so again...R&L sucks! they were late again, but at least i got my treadwall. check out the big ass truck! my neighbors didnt know what to think. it was kinda funny.

also, the guy had it loaded behind a bunch of other
shit and he couldnt get it off the truck on the pallet. so, i actually backed my truck up to the carrier and load it piece by piece... fun. but i got it!

after that, i drove it down and stacked it into my driveway to kinda see what i had... its a little daunting at first. there are a lot of pieces, but the instruction look user friendly. everything seems heavy duty and well built.

then i noticed one of the bearings was crooked. actually kelly saw it, he dropped by for a sec. so, Conant had given me his number to check in, i called him to get his thought before i start whacking on it with a rubber mallet. sure enough Conant says that it isnt uncommon for that to happen in transit. he said it should self realign when i start putting it together...or tap it with the mallet and call him back if i have any trouble...thanks boss.

so i read my instruction and got all excited to put things together walked it around the shed...laid things out...tried to lay thing out...Crap! watch the video...


  1. Wow! I just found out about Treadwall and was blown away with your site - definitely answering many of the questions I had about the system. Can you put up more pictures of the components and the build process? I'd like to get a better sense of how difficult this is, and what you need to consider when placing it in a room. Thanks!

  2. thanks mark,....im glad you like the site. and answering questions is the whole big idea. im not sure what you mean about the components or build process...im not involved with treadwall in any. i just bought one from them. if you mean your gonna try to build one from scatch yourself...well i think your on your own. if you mean assembling the wall after you buy it? hang tight little camper its coming. right now i need some buddies to give me a had and ive been a little under the weather. the one thing i can tell you 8" x 9" floor space means unconvention assembly!

  3. hehe, no I'm not trying to build one from scratch (way to lazy for that, I think your earlier post about diy nailed it), I'm just trying to get a handle on how difficult it is to assemble. From a build perspective I'm more interested in mounting it to a wall, etc (how many friends and beers will be involved).

    It just struck me that when you built your room, you didn't have enough space to assemble it inside, which made me wonder about the assembly process and where I could put it. I'm also interested to figure out if it's possible to shave a couple inches off it - right now I could only set it up in my garage, but if I could somehow get it in the 108" neighborhood, I'd be in business! :) I can't easily cut into the ceiling because the room I have to put it in, the only wall is perpendicular to the beams in the attic.

  4. Hey Mark,

    so when you assemble according to the "Brewers Ledge" instructions you suppossed to have essentially 8ft by at least 11ft... i goofed that up oh well...ill get pictures and try to explain what a bitch what i will need to do was. there is a picture in the blog of another guy who cut into his cieling, and there is also a specific wall mount design. but i doubt youd want that...its only 5 degrees over hang i think. you could also contact them directly! they are all really cool folk and get right back to you.

  5. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing more pictures, as I assume most people are. ;) The two parts in particular for me are the top and bottom, and specifically how much clearance you have... For instance, that Kore with angle says a ceiling height of 9' to 12' for full range - you just mentioned you're at 11', I'm assuming you mean the height, so you're 1' shorter than their full range. If that's the case, that's awesome - sorry to be happy for your misfortune. ;) What I'm interested in is if you are shorter than the full range, if you do things like removing the shroud from the top, can you go all the way up to 0 degrees?

    I've run around my house and measured when I first looked into it, the garage is a no brainer but every other room is tricky, the room I would love it in is 108" - my next favorite would be 120", from that point, it's back to the garage.

    I plan to call them, but I (like you it sounds like) like to do as much research beforehand, so I can ask all my questions in one go, and have an idea of what I might be able to do on my end to get closer to what I want.

    BTW; how long until you have everything fully installed and operational? Is everything going smoothly or has anything surprised you yet?