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Sunday, August 15, 2010

giving birth standing up

well, i gotta say my shed hasnt worked out as well as i have wanted. there are several things i woulda/coulda done better! i could have put a couple of double doors on the end. or i coulda just made the shed 12x10ft instead of 10x8ft.... and i would have if i knew then what i know now. i dont really blame Brewer's ledge, but when i next talk to the guys i think ill mention they make some changes to there space requirements. basically you want more space then they say.

...arg wish i had made a bigger boat! ill add a photo demonstrating how youre supposed to assemble it lying down a little later. for now...im back to building a treadwall!

so the answer is YES the treadwall can be assembled in a standing position! but heres how i screwed up. i had no idea about how the wall is actually assembled when i built my shed. but i should have been able to figure this one out...me dumb. so we all know the climbing surface is around 10ft. and ive seen pictures of the wall so i should have know that the two side panels are about that same height. next...i knew from talking to others that you assembled the wall and then raised it up with the help of a friend or two. so why i didnt figure out that i needed more depth 9ft 5in inside is kinda comical.
it was a close one getting this machine built. as you can see by the pictures above you essentially assemble the entire structure of the wall then raise it up and put in the bolts on the lift legs. couldnt do it. for a while it thought i might put together a lot of the wall then walk it in. but this thing weighs a lot!.... a hell of a lot. in fact if anyone tells you it doesnt....tell them it weighs between 800 and 1000lbs fully assembled....so carrying any portion of it partly assembled is a recipe for back injuries. thats not worth it when all im trying to do is get this thing built so i can train

so two plans later and much head scratching... (i know i could've call brewer's ledge, but im a figure it out myself kinda guy) ...plan three! assemble mt treadwall completely out of order. i decided to build the 2x2 steel frame and then put all channels and cover on after. look at the pictures below and youll see the yellow highlighted frame is what went up first, the red stuff got added once i had a free-standing frame. turns out my plan worked...also i think a guy could almost build a treadwall alone by this method, although help is nice. after that its pretty cruiser... the lower shaft had some issues going in and the upper shaft and shroud are heavy on a ladder, but it was the only way.
**Brewers Ledge, kindly asked me to change the images...happy to do so. i guess theres no need to help the copyright theives... given that i figure these new images still make the point and dont tell you anything thats not in any other photos on the net.
more details and pictures to come...soon? oh!.. thanks to my pops, victoria, and especially "blake stipple" for helping me today. the wall currently is partially assembled with 12 slats... ill be staining boards the next couple days and trying to be ready to finish it up on my next weekend off!

also i noticed the ready traffic was up the last few days... if you guys have questions or just want to yack i do encourage comments!


  1. Awesome, can't wait to see some pictures, although I suspect you can't wait more! One quick question, when you say you wish your room had been 12x10, in what way do you wish it were bigger - more space in front of the treadwall or more space on the sides - or both? Just wondering, since I'm trying to figure out location as well - I'd love to learn from someone elses mistakes instead of my normal method. ;)

  2. i did take some pictures today...but ill wait to post them. i work night shift and have more to do than write blogs...odd i know, sorry. hopefully the wall will be set up soon. there was also a "snafu" and im missing a wire for my distance counter so that will delay things. umm, questions yes... i wish i had more space on all side. it would be nice to have at least some clearance to get behind the machine. bu backing it up against one wall is fine. ill post a blog at some point later, but my hieght is perfect. i built my roof to be 13ft inside so i get full range. my width i wish i had a minimal 6 more inches my intior width is 7'5". another couple feet for my setup would be idea...but not required. depth i have 9'5"...this work functionally i have no problem. i just wish i had more for the set and after for taking better pictures... the thing is massive, and hard to get in frame with a camera. btw, there is an email at the top if you want to hit me up more direct...