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Monday, August 2, 2010


i dont usual hate blast someone! but R&L Carriers suck ass! on the 21st i got an email from Conant to let me know the treadwall had been shipped out. the company gave a delivery date of the 27th. i was given some contact info and a tracking number.... all good so far. i also was told i need to call a little before the delivery date, to set up a time with the local terminal. so the 26th comes and i do this. then i call, they tell me it got held up in chicago and the didnt know when it would get there. they say..."well call you when it gets to the terminal"... okay no problem, i can be patient. but the number they had for me was wrong...i gave them the right number. 28th comes
...so i call them again. they say its not there yet, theyll call tomorrow. 29th, no call i call at 4:30. they say they left me a message, but i never got the call. sure enough no one corrected my number. i tell them the right number again. we schedule for friday the 30th. i tell them that i have a work meeting at 2:00pm and i need to see the truck no later than 1:30. the guy says...no problem, have a good day, blah blah blah. friday all day! i am excited... and i wait. nothing. 1 o'clock i call to check the truck status. the guy say the truck was stuck in fort lewis, and it would be here today but not on time....no later than 4:oopm. F! there goes my meeting at work, oh well, they really wont miss me other than taking roll. 4:oo comes...no truck! i call, the guy has the nerve to say the driver rang my door bell twice and left.

... but i say no sir, no truck came and i havent left ...and i was building a work bench in my driveway the WHOLE time! the guy puts me on hold and then comes back to say he turned the truck around. he gives me a number to call if i dont see the truck in one hour. he says the guy is 30min away. fine....whatever. 55min later...NOTHING! #$@$%#$%!!!!!!! i call in, some lady who has no idea whats going on. she says the dispatcher i talk to turned the driver around again because it was illegal for him to keep driving. she say they called and left a message. guess what...they keep calling the same wrong number.


really, do you guys suck this bad. the gal promises to fix the number. god knows if she was successful, i have my doubts. she also sets it up for the next available delivery....she tells me they only drive to silverdale on Tuesday and Friday. well thats too bad i tell her, because i work on Tuesday,
but i am very respectful but forceful when i tell her this. she makes a call, and calls me back...but i still dont trust the number correcting because she could have written it on a napkin she wiped her ass with in the can 5min later. sooo, supposedly on Wednesday the 4th my wall is "gonna be delivered". im not holding my breath...these guys are a bunch of ball bags!

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