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Saturday, May 21, 2011

so everyone seems to want me to write more posts! ...well, kids i need some more ideas. what do you want to know about? climbing techniques? products? opinions...i have plenty of those! let me know whatcha need and ill get back to writing, lord knows i got free time.


  1. I'll ask for some info, how about back to hold making basics. What foam, what tools, what molding method, what resin, how to do 2 colour holds etc etc.

  2. My bad found your older posts about making holds. One question though, your 2 colour holds, how long do you wait between pouring the different colours?

  3. i plan to do an additional post on hold making any way... ill address it there as well but. i suggest being ready to pour the second color immediately as the first is cooling. that way you get them to bond. it is possiblle for them to not bond and seperate on the seam though. so be careful