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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Volume Build: Preview (part-2)

so i spent the last two days working on a new volume. i named it the shield kinda as a joke. but it turns out to be pretty aptly named.

josh says that if he had to carry it into battle though he would need a slave for the march to get there. i have no idea... i guys i made it heavy or something.

so as i promised i have taken lots of picture for my up coming how to build a volume posts for this model... but i got it structurally done and need to run a rough test, so i trucked it over to club dreher.
the thing feels like a monster detaching flake on the under the roof. only not scary like its gonna power drive you in the ground.
josh liked it so.... i took it back. now i just need to have more time off from work so i can do all the finishing work that is required for my level of anality.
stay tuned for all the building instructions and the next volume i have in mind!

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